– [RCSparks] Guilty as charged. Yes, I shall be sentenced for not even taking this
machine outside yet. This is a machine that I
have refused to take out in the snow. Why? Well, I’m a kid of the 80s. This is one of my classic all time trucks. It looks like a Bronco straight
out of Grand Theft Auto. Just looking at it … I know. I could be saying a whole
bunch of these things. And some of you might not be a Bronco fan, but this truck, for me, has
been absolute primal instinct. These are the original
tires that were on it. The chrome is beautiful. I think the chrome looks really good. It does have that classic look, but RC, to me, is all about modifying and making things your own and even though I love this
beautiful body and these rims, I’m gonna take off some of the chrome and these are actually
beadlocks that I took off of some HPI Rockgrabbers the other day when I was doing an upgrade
on my 1:8 scale Cragsman. That machine had bead locks
that were double-sided. Some of you guys may notice
that this is the exact tire I was building in that film,
but I only showed it once. These are double-sided bead locks, which means these rims lock
in the bead of the tire to the wheel itself. So they don’t do any breathing, even though they’ve
got a great memory foam in them right now and the black on black certainly was something I was looking for. Now, today I’m gonna go
ahead and get into this area. These are not stickers, by the way. If you have a real good look at this, these are actually chrome accents, molded plastic, that are bolted
right to the body itself. Bom bom bom bom. An ARB snorkel that I’ve had in my arsenal for a long time. It was for a Jeep build
that I was going to do, but I noticed, you know,
that it actually fits and the mold here fits so well, I did find this on eBay, by they way, guys a long ago, though, so I don’t
really have a relevant link, you may find it. And it does wrap to the
body very, very well. But the only problem is is
that this chrome accent piece that actually juts out, causes me an issue where I’m supposed to be
bolting on this snorkel to the LEXAN. So my goal today is to actually… I know, it’s terrifying for
me to, in case I screwed up, is to cut this section out, mount this snorkel right below so I still get the four Bronco
Ranger XLT logo in there and this actually fits fairly
flush to where it would be, you know, if it was mounted up properly on a full size truck. Underneath, it’s gonna
be kind of hard to see, but they have these inner rails that help attach the chrome
attachments on the outside. Okay, it looks like a two millimeter, it is. And it was, so I can
kind of separate it away from the body ’cause it’s on a pin system, as you can see. I’m glad we identified that. And now all I need to do
is measure out the snorkel to see how much we need to cut. I’m gonna put on my safety glasses and I just need a precision cut. (cutter whirling) Actually what I’ll do is just take it off, take off the entire strip that’s attached and then that way I can
cut it will a Dremel. I have complete control over
the piece I need to cut. (cutter whirling) Just tidying up the edges
with a sharp razor blade, that way it doesn’t get
an unfinished look to it because plastic tends to bowl up when it gets heated like that. Okay, the mounting piece. Okay, so the gap is cut out and I have screw hole or that giant pin which was larger than I expected there. (laughing) That’s what she said.
(laughing) There we go, so I put the snorkel there. One thing I hadn’t anticipated, as well, is how deep this channel is. It’s actually the inset for
the chrome piece is quite deep, so it did change the
shape a little bit on me, which is not a big deal, I really don’t see it as a big deal. You can see the mold is still perfect for the body shape. It’s nice and snug, but I’ve
got a small gap up here. Now, that’s fine. If this was actually hard-molded plastic on a full-size machine,
no one would say anything if it was gapped out
even just a bit like that ’cause it really wouldn’t
be a lot of movement. In fact, you could even
put a strap right here and just have that sealed up
and it would be 100% fine. So I think that’s what I’m gonna do ’cause it’s a very, very, very small gap. But all I have to do
now is line up the holes for the screws on the inside here. (drilling) On the inside of the snorkel,
I did put a whole bunch of goop or ShoeGoo as some people know it. It’s kind of like a rubber cement. And the reason I did that… And I noticed that I didn’t use too much ’cause I don’t want it
squeezing out around the edges onto the LAXAN, even
though I may regret this in about two minutes. But not too much on the inside, this is just so I’ll
have some good adhesion when I use the three small screws. And so if I take a tumble down the hill, I wanna make sure that it’s
got every chance possible to at least stick on
there the first few times. Here comes the risky part,
but I’ve pre-threaded, so that’s why. I just wanna make sure it’ll
line up that hole properly. (spraying) Has anybody got a baby’s
diaper around here? All right, and the last
thing I’m gonna do today is just switch over my shocks. Now, is there a reason
that I’m doing this? The answer is no other
than I’ve got a whole bunch of extra spare parts I’ve
collected over the years, as well and I went to give a
pair of these shocks away to my buddy Steve the other
day and we rebuilt them but it actually threw the
geometry of his truck off. And so he gave them back to me and I thought what a great opportunity, I could probably put them on the Bronco and they would look pretty good. Now, these are Gmade Zero
shocks, they’re 90 mills. I’ve had them in my spare
parts drawer for several years. They just hadn’t been built yet and they are exactly the same
length as the Traxxas shock and being red and black and chrome, I thought what a great
opportunity on this Sunset truck to switch them over. Make sure you pay attention to
the length of screws, right? Longer one on the bottom,
shorter one on top. I’m gonna have to remove this and then if you notice this
islet right at the top here, let’s see if you can see that, it’s very wide, right? And the roller ball on the
inside to give it the movement is actually very small. So I’m just gonna use
a pair of channel lock to help gently remove the
roller ball setup here. Don’t want to break the top of the shock because I can reuse these
shocks in a different project. Now, the problem is is
that the opening here is too big for that, basically just slides through. So I can avoid this problem,
I still need it to be on there so it has a chance to
move around like this, but I need the ball to stay
in the middle of the top. Entering these little rubber
grommet pieces, look at this. I got them from Capo, but, you know, it’s basically just some tubing. This tubing, what I’m gonna do is pop this into the opening on the shock top. Spread it through to the
other side like that. And then I’m gonna take this and just start to push it in the hole and then gently, you know, coarse it. (laughing) So many innuendos in this hobby. I don’t wanna force it in.
Oh! (laughing) I just ripped my rubber, but not too much, so I don’t
have to worry about that. I’m just gonna slide it into the middle. My whole point is to be
able to give it a joint but still have it moving around freely on either side, right? But without slipping in
and out, so that’s fine. A little bit on the ugly side, I should replace it. But if I can save it, then why not use it? Baba baba ba. Looking nice, everything’s solid, it’s
not moving around at all, well, the way it shouldn’t be. Mount up this tire and they, you know, I didn’t have to do that, it just kind of brightens up the truck a
little bit under there, the dark shocks were just fine but I like to have unique trucks and it’s not really
making my truck unique, but it’s certainly on the way. Now, all four shocks are done. I’m gonna turn on the radio. Turn on the machine. Uh-huh. (wheels whirling) So a nice, aggressive
stance here on the shocks. Look at the clearance, guys. This truck is gonna be able to
go and rock climb very well, looking great on the old-school Pro-Line Flat Iron Tires there mounted up with the beadlocks
so I won’t have to worry about any water getting into those foams. A nice, lifted stance with
those shocks on the inside. Can’t really see them,
but it definitely give you a little bit of an accent. The snorkel also willing
and able to go deep, that’s the whole point. So the mold was a good one. I don’t know, like snorkels themselves are always hit or miss for me. Half you’re gonna love it,
half you’re gonna hate it. Good news is that it’s my truck and I’m always willing to go
in water, that’s the problem. And I love going up to here, and so just the reality
of having a snorkel, maybe next time I’ll
actually get like a tube, like some of the wire loom
or something like that and make like one that comes out the front and goes over the back like… This traditional snorkel is cool, but it would be cool to see
something else, as well. Maybe a little can and
air filter on the end. Anyway, so there you go, my friends. Hopefully, this was helpful for you. Hopefully, it inspires to get out outside and have fun with the hobby of RC and apparently, my heater wants to go on and we are done, the video, guys. See ya next time. Thanks for tuning in, bye for now.

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  1. I can't comprehend your decision to cut the body and put a snorkel on that beautiful 1979 Bronco Body. Mine remains unmolested.

  2. yeah bud.. looks awesome .. never go wrong with the flatirons.. shocks look good on her too man. come on summer !!!

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    What would you recommend for gearing for a traxxas raptor, brushless running 2s? All around, bashing, road, off road. Thank you

  8. With the 2 speed, locking diffs and etc scares me away from buying this rig. I've only really worked on a few traxxas slashes. Is it difficult to work on it if it were to break down? I appreciate it!!!

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  11. Oh yeah medic, after seven weeks the steering Took a dump just up and quit working nothing. I seen a video on how to fixed the Traxxas 7075 steering servo, it has a circuit breaker inside. I took the bottom cover off solder cross the circuit breaker now no worries about the circuit breaker it is back working thought I'd share

  12. Hey Medic, how hard would it be to swap the radio to a Spektrum 6ch and keep the diff servos intact/functioning, while keeping the rest of the electronics? Thinking about putting it on my DX5R . Thanks for any help, and for all you give us!

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