1979-2019 Mustang Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 Tire (17-20″) Review

1979-2019 Mustang Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 Tire (17-20″) Review

The Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 Tire will be
for those Mustang owners out there looking for an affordable ultra-high performance all-season
tire that is going to prioritize dry grip over wet or snow traction. Now, the Noble 2 here will be available in
sizes to fit a 17 through 20-inch wheel on the site, along with section widths ranging
from 205 on the narrow side to a modest 285 on the big end. Pricing, guys, as always, will depend on your
sizing, but look to stay relatively affordable overall, at between 1 to 200 bucks per tire. So, the Ventus 2 that we have here is going
to be for drivers of sports cars or coupes, hello Mustang, that possibly daily their car,
and need something to get them through all four seasons. Now with that said, one thing to keep in mind
here guys is that the Noble 2 will not be a dedicated winter or snow tire. Instead, like other all-seasons, it’s going
to be more of a jack of all trades, master of none, and that ultimately is going to be
the big appeal here. But with that said, what do you say we talk
about what the Noble 2 will do well, and that, of course, will be your dry grip and overall
responsiveness and handling as that ultra-high performance title would certainly indicate. Now, compound here for the Noble isn’t going
to be terribly soft, at 504 tread wear, however, those traction and temp grades are both the
highest available, at a double A and single A respectively. And that double A for traction is indicative
that this tire will be no slouch in the wet conditions, despite what I said earlier. And a big part of that is the fact that Hankook
does bake in a nice hybrid compound with this particular tire. It’s gonna favor a heavy silica mix that will
be key in helping that wet grip, but also lowering your rolling resistance and helping
you achieve some rather lofty mileage claims of around 50,000 miles. However, most owners of this tire claim around
30 to 40K, as that would be a little bit more realistic. But moving to the tread pattern here with
the Noble 2 guys, it is asymmetrical, as you can see, allowing for those traditional rotations,
along with things like 3D siping and aqua hydro blocks built in, to help with that wet
traction we just talked about, along with some semblance of winter grip here. Guys, don’t get it twisted. That is certainly not this tire’s strong suit. Sidewalls have been given that high hardness
bead filler and casing files, to aid with turning responsiveness and handling, and a
tire that I would say is gonna be pretty predictable at the limit in dry conditions. Ride quality, despite that sidewall bolstering,
has been reported as favorable, of course, according to our customer reviews. And if you haven’t checked those out yet,
please do so, as it’s a great way to get some real-world feedback on the Noble 2 here from
some of our customers. Now, don’t forget guys, these tires, like
any of our other options here at AM, are available for free a mount and balance, free TPMS install
with purchase, of course, and optional nitrogen fill. Also, keep in mind, we’re gonna ship these
things to your door absolutely free of charge. But, wrapping things up, guys, if you’re looking
for a competent all-season tire that will really excel in the dry conditions, and you
don’t want to pay Pirelli or Michelin money, be sure to check out the Hankook Ventus S1
Noble 2, right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I ran Hankook Ventus II’s on my car for years. It’s a good all season performance tire. I got great dry traction and when I had to drive in the snow it did great. Because of how well they did I always look at Hankook tires as an option depending on my needs.

  3. These are the OEM tires that are equipped on the 2018 Explorer Platinum. These tires are 100% JUNK! They will last for 25k miles tops. For GODS sake do NOT use these tires for winter at all. These tires are cheap for a reason! If you value your life or your Mustang do NOT buy these!

  4. I'm just so happy you guys do stuff with Challengers now, looks like I will renewing my account in a few months. Are us Mopar Folks going to see some Challenger videos any time soon???

  5. Super comfortable, quiet, smooth and great dry and wet grip. My previous tires where firestone firehawks which where complete junk! They were as hard as a rock, I felt all the lines, bumps, cracks, rocks anything on the road even what I couldn't see i felt it. They made my car ride HARSH, they roared hard and would lose 8 psi every weak. It almost made we want to sell my car. But I finally ditched those junk firestones and went with hankook. These tires make my car ride like a luxury premium sport car. All the bad things and harsh ride is gone. And they grip fantastic in the dry and wet and handling. Haven't tried them in snow but I also almost never drive in snow with this car. I got all seasons for the ease of installing and forgetting and not having to switch to winter tires. Before the S1 noble2 I had Hankook roadhandler Sport and those where as comfortable but more quiet than my previous Michilens. They felt more like a touring tire comparing to the s1 noble2. Very comfortable, quiet but these noble2 are much more dry and wet grip. They feel like a true ultra high performance tire but with the added bonus of a comfortable quiet ride. The smoothh ride of the roadhandler sports made me buy hankook again. I would of bought the roadhandlers but they were discontinued years ago. These seem like an evolution of that tire but with more performance. Hankooks feel like the michelins but are quieter, softer. You get a premium tire but at a lower price. This is my new favorite brand of tire. Grip, performance, quiet and comfortable🖒

    My previous hankook lasted me 42k miles, no bubbles, cracks, blow outs, or bad tire noise, or loss of psi. They stayed awesome as they worn down. Beware of people leaving fake reviews just because they don't like the name of the brand the tires that came on their new car. I can see that. Because all the people I know that have bought hankook tires on their own have all left nothing but postive reviews about them. I found out about hankook because my friend who works at a tire shop recommend it to me. I asked him what was the best tire for the price and he said hankook. Beware of xenophobs leaving fake reviews over a name they dislike. Cars are made from a assortment of global parts. If they're smart enough to know this, they should know not to leave fake reviews. Hankook is one of the best tire brands and the ventus s1 noble2's are the best tires I've owned

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