1979-2018 Mustang Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season Tire (17-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang Pirelli P-Zero Nero All Season Tire (17-20″) Review

If you drive your Mustang year round through
cold temperatures and bad weather, but don’t want to totally compromise when it comes to
performance, then switching to the Pirelli All Season Nero Tire would certainly be a
smart move. Now the Pirelli here will be a relatively
affordable option that will range in price based on your size, of course, which will
be from 17 to 20 inches in diameter, and section widths ranging from 225 on the small side
to 275 on the wider side. But with all that said, what do you say we
take a deeper look into the All Season variant of the Nero? Now Pirelli actually refers to this thing
as their Ultra-High Performance All Season Tire which will offer great performance year
round, warm or cold temperatures in the rain, or even dry pavement, and a lot of our customer
reviews tend to back that up. However, even though Pirelli has given this
thing the mud and snow stamping, you have to take that with a grain of salt, because
this is not going to be a dedicated snow tire. Now sure, it’s gonna be better than most summer
tires out there, per se, with a little bit of snow on the ground, but you should not
rely on a tire like this to get you through a few inches or more in your rear wheel drive
Mustang. Instead, if you’re looking for a winter or
snow tire, you would need to search out something that features that three-peak mountain snowflake
symbol which designates a tire worthy of severe snow use. So now that we’ve essentially defined what
an Ultra-High Performance All Season Tire can and can’t do, let’s go over the numbers
here, and the Nero’s gonna come in at a 400 for treadwear along with the highest possible
grades for both traction and temperature with a double A and single A, respectively. Now this tire is asymmetrical, meaning it
will allow for traditional rotation which will ultimately help Pirelli achieve around,
or close to, the advertised 50,000 mile life span with this particular option. Now that asymmetrical tread pattern has been
silica-enhanced which is typically utilized to help provide traction and performance on
the hot and dry days of the summer, but also in the cooler, rainy days of the fall and
winter. Basically expands the tire’s capabilities
and allows it to perform in cooler temperatures. But one look at this tread design, guys, and
you’ll immediately give away the fact that this is an All Season Tire, tons of siping
in the shoulder area, in addition to the grooves running the circumference of the tire, allowing
it to remove as much water as possible from that footprint, maintain that wet traction,
and prevent that hydroplaning. Now keep in mind, guys, we do offer the All
Season variant here of the P-Zero in combination with a lot of your favorite wheel designs
on the site using our pre-assembled wheel and tire kits. Now these kits do get mounted and balanced
in our state-of-the-art facilities here at AM, of course. We install those TPMS sensors, if selected,
and then we ship them to your door absolutely free of charge. It’s a great service, and ultimately, it takes
a lot of legwork out of the process of buying a new wheel and tire for you guys at home. So, wrapping this one up, guys, if your Mustang
is not a garage queen and sees all types of weather, be sure to check out a set of the
Pirelli P-Zero All Season Tires right here at american muscle.com.

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  2. These are superb all season tires, very good on wet roads. Right up to about 25,000 – 29,000 miles at which time you will find your rear wheels sliding in circles on wet roads. Up to that point, they are possibly the best I have driven on

  3. Had these and wasn't a big fan. Didn't handle even lighlty wet roads well at all. I probably should have gone with a wider rear tire though so it was partially my fault. Nonetheless I wouldn't purchase again

  4. I went through my stock set quick, but I do live in Arkansas Ouachita area with lots of curvy roads. I replaced these with Firestone Indy Oval 500. Not a bad tire for the money and they have good grip in dry and surprisingly good grip on wet roads.

  5. Let's just say, we just bought a used 2013 GT/CS, and the first time my wife drove it she complained about the tires without knowing the problems with these tires. Then she took the car to the car wash. When she left, she said she had a hard time because it kept sliding. I told her it was because of the soap. Next time I washed it, a mile later the tires were still sliding. And they were new tires. They suck, they bounce a lot, they don't grip that well, they dry rot, and this coming from a Ford dealership, the sidewalls delaminate. And absolutely no snow traction. Nexens are cheaper and are by far much better, with all actual ratings much higher and speed rating options of 180mph+. And I can say, the SU1's are a great option.

  6. Oof yall got the year all the way up to 2018, youre gonna get all s550 guys asking if they need a tune to maximize their tire gains.

  7. Sidewall held up okay but noticed bald strip down the middle . Got something different for my mustang . Then noticed same thing happening on my Lincoln suv. Used the warranty that time and they said for new different tires.

  8. I had them on my mustang. Lasted me around 20,000 miles and we’re absolute trash as far as traction went. I could barely get into the power and at 45 miles per hour without breaking the rear tires loose on my stock coyote. Nearly caused several wrecks when it wasn’t expected, luckily knowing how to counter steer, no crowds were hit those days.

  9. These tires are not so good imo.
    Very slippery when the road is even slightly moist and the temperature is under 10°C
    Bad grip in rain. Meh to okish grip in the dry. Loud. Unless you live in a region where the temperatures are from 10-30+°C throughout the year get proper summer and winter tires if you value your life and the life of others.
    I have a set of PZero Rosso 245 front and 275 in the back and they grip like hell. Rear end doesn't snake around anymore like it did with 245 in the rear.

  10. These tires come standard on my 2010 Mustang GT and they're absolutely fantastic great ride quality good overall traction if you get caught in the rain and handles that no problem so absolutely a very good Tire. I just don't drive in the snow.

  11. Let's be perfectly honest here. These tires are terrible. The fact that Ford keeps using them as their oem tire on the Mustang is embarrassing. So happy they finally switched to the Michelin Pilot Sports on the Performance Pack. The better tires, Brembo brakes and the Torsen diff with 3.55/3.73 gears are worth the price alone.

  12. You’re absolutely right . Wears down quickly (20k). Poor wet traction and deadly poor snow traction. Note: Never used line lock to do a burn out either. 2017 Mustang GT convertible got a bubble in rear so i replaced both rear tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A+S 3

  13. I had these on my 2017 non performance pack mustang gt, they would break traction all the time it was a lot of fun , then I bought a 2015 performance pack mustang gt with summer tires and the traction increase was drastic, very fun on back roads but they are hard as hell to spin out in on dry roads 😞

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