1979-2018 Mustang NITTO NT05 Max Performance Tire (15″-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang NITTO NT05 Max Performance Tire (15″-20″) Review

If you want drag radial or R compound levels
of grip and performance but aren’t ready to fully commit to a competition-specific tire
yet, the NT05 here from Nitto might just be the tire for you. Now, this max performance summer option will
be offered in sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter and with section width
available from 205 and narrowest all the way down to the wide 315 on the big end. As always guys, expect your pricing to vary
drastically depending on sizing, but look to spend around a 100 bucks for the smaller
sizes all the way down to 330 bucks for the 315/20 variant. So Nitto really needs no introduction in the
aftermarket tire world as I would argue they’re a household name with a lot of enthusiasts
out there, thanks to their killer products for both the car and truck market. Now, the NT05 that we have here is an interesting
addition to the line-up, and I would say this thing is gonna live somewhere between the
very capable G2, but also that 555R drag radial. It is categorized as a max performance summer
tire and I think Nitto would even take things a step further and categorize this as their
most aggressive passenger car tire in their line-up that isn’t focused around competition
use. And if you don’t believe me, look no further
than the UTQG or more specifically that treadwear number which is 200. Now, that is extremely low for a street tire
and as such, it’s extremely soft and grippy. But, because of that, don’t expect to get
a ton of miles out of these things. Now, for the record, both traction and temperature
grades were also the highest available with a AA for traction and a single A for temperature
respectively. But treadwear number aside, let’s break down
the tread design of these meats right here guys. and at first glance, you can tell this
thing is designed to answer the call no matter what you throw at it, right? Straight line traction, no problem. Hitting the turns, I got you. The NT05 will do it all and do it all very
well. Massive center rib here, running the circumference
of the entire tire which will help with the straight line traction and stability, while
the reinforced tread blocks here on the shoulder will help provide you with some structural
integrity when you’re really pushing this thing hard in turns. Now, with all that said, make no bones about
it, guys. This thing is not an all season tire by any
stretch of the imagination. So, when things get a little cooler like below
50 degrees, expect the NT05 here to get a little hard and therefore, a little slick. Now, the same can be said for rain. This tire and its large center rib that we
just talked about is not gonna be the best bet in heavy down pour situation. So, just something to be aware of if these
things are going to end up on a daily driver or maybe a car that sees rain every so often. Now, if you’re in love with Nitto and you
want a good amount of performance but don’t wanna white knuckle every rainstorm that comes
around, the NT555 G2 would certainly be a good compromise. As always guys, don’t forget to read up on
some of the customers submitted reviews concerning the NT05 here on the site. Some very favorable reviews in fact. And let’s face it, it’s always good to hear
from customers out there pounding the pavement, putting in the miles with the NT05 in place
rather than just taking my word for everything. But wrapping this one up here, if you’re looking
for one of the best bang for your buck max performance tires in the category and don’t
wanna compromise when it comes to drive performance, be sure to check out a set of the Nitto NT05
right here americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I'll stick with the 555 G2 as a daily use max performance summer tire. Mainly because the G2 can be used in the rain and cooler temps.

  3. Just bought a set of NT05s (295/35/18) from AM a week ago. Definitely have more traction than the Nitto 555 G2s I replaced. I live in southern Arizona, so cold weather and heavy rain are not common here.

  4. This or the 555 g2 for SW Florida? It's just a weekend car and I plan on supercharging my 16 GT but we do get a lot of rain in the summer.

  5. I put NT05R 345mm R19 (I know it’s not NT05) and it is a great tire. I actually enjoy driving them enter then the Michelin SS that came stock on my 16’ Z06. I do not enjoy driving them over 130mph on certain roads as they will track the grooves and cause white knuckle danger. I am interested in changing my stock rim with NT05 to my 20” stock wheel for daily non drag race days, if they have my stock tire size.

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