1979-2018 Mustang NITTO NT01 Competition Radial Tire (15-20″) Review

If you’re looking for a super sticky street-legal
R Compound for your corner carver or purpose-built autocross Mustang, you should definitely consider
a set of the NITTO NT01s. Now the NITTO will be available on the site
here in sizes to fit a 15 through a 20-inch wheel and in section widths ranging from 205
on the narrow side all the way down the line to the massive 325s on the big end. Pricing is certainly going to vary depending
on your sizing here guys, but expect to spend right around the mid hundred dollar range
for the smaller stuff and work your way all the way up to over 400 bucks per tire for
some of your bigger options. So, the NT01 that we have here, guys, is going
to exist somewhere between those more race focused R Compounds like the Hoosier R7 and
the BFG R1 in addition to more streetable R compounds such as your Toyo RA1 and even
that 888. And with that said, one big thing you have
to keep in mind here, guys, is that despite the aggressive looks of this tire, this is
not a drag radial, instead it’s gonna be built more for turns as defined by NITTO themselves
as they’re gonna call this their D.O.T.-compliant competition road course tire. Now, if you want to go more straight line
stuff and you want something just as sticky if not even a little bit more sticky, you
might want to consider the NT05R also from NITTO, in addition to the company’s 555R instead. But with all that said, what do you say we
talk about the NT01 a little bit more? And guys, if you want grip, the NT01 here
will deliver all you want and then some. Now to know that, you really don’t have to
look much further than the advertised tread wear number which comes in at a putty-like
100. Now, that’s an extremely low treadwear number
and that indicates, sure, a lot of grip but it’s also gonna indicate this tire is not
gonna give you a ton of miles. However, that’s kind of the give and take
with a tire like this, right? Something that’s a little bit more competition-focused
as opposed to going with a Grand Touring or an All-Season. But going back to what we talked about earlier
and the NT01 even being more track-focused is still very much a street-legal tire. So, you can use it on your street-driven weekend
warrior or use it to get you to and from your local track days barring any crazy rainfall. Because as you might imagine by the looks
of this thing and the lack of tread void, not necessarily going to be the best bet in
those heavy downpour situations. And this is a great time to mention the very
aggressive tread pattern or really lack thereof with this NITTO. Now, right out of the box guys, you’re getting
6/32 of tread compound here, which does incorporate those long sweeping blocks and lateral grooves. However, NITTO does state that this tire can
be shaved down to 3/30 if needed to essentially turn this thing into a full-blown race flick
while still leaving those circumferential grooves. Now if it were me, I’m not necessarily going
to buy a tire like this only to shave away half of its life when you can instead opt
for one of those Hoosier or BFG R compounds, get a very similar result without wasting
half of its life, but that is ultimately your call. But getting back to the NT01 one here, and
NITTO states this thing does deliver a specialized compound to maximize that consistency even
through multiple heat cycles, which should help you nail down some more consistent lap
times throughout the entire lifespan of this tire and not through some small window. Now, the tire itself is gonna be extremely
predictable at the limit and when it does go beyond that, it does so in a very gradual
or progressive manner as to not get you guys in too much trouble to quickly. Basically, it’s gonna be a very driver-friendly
tire no matter what your skill level and really just going to allow you to push your car harder
than a lot of the other tires that we currently available here on the site. Now, I do wanna point out that for track-day
guys out there or guys that are really serious about improving their handling, braking, and
just all around grip, obviously you’re going to want to grab four of these things for all
four corners. However, if you’re more of a casual Mustang
fan or owner or weekend warrior and you’re just looking to throw these on a set of rear
wheels in place of a traditional drag radial, you totally can, there’s nothing stopping
you. However again, in my opinion, there will be
better options out there for use of a drag radial. Now, also keep in mind guys, these things
will mount and balance for free with qualifying wheel purchases here on the site. We will install your TPMS sensors for free
as well with purchase. And last but not least, they will ship to
your door absolutely free of charge. But again, if you’re serious about increasing
the overall grip in your ’79 and newer Mustang, the NT01 here will be an awesome choice, and
you can grab your set right here at americanmuscle.com.

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