1979-2018 Mustang NITTO Motivo All Season Tire (17-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang NITTO Motivo All Season Tire (17-20″) Review

If you’re looking for an ultra-high performance
tire cleverly disguised as an all season, then the Nitto Motivo might just be the option
for you. The Motivo here will balance all-weather performance
and grip with a nearly 60,000 mile lifespan, making them perfect for the Mustang owners
who drive their car hard all year long and don’t wanna sacrifice handling or traction
for four season use. Now the Nitto will be available in 17, 18,
19 and 20 inch diameters, along with section widths ranging from 215 on the smaller side,
all the way down to the big boy here the 315 on the wider end. Pricing obviously will depend on your sizing
but you’re gonna be spending anywhere between 100 bucks to just over 200 bucks per tire. Now my opinion, Nitto really is known best
for their performance tire offerings such as the triple 5, the Invo of course and the
Nt05 lineup, along with a rather stout selection of off-road options to boot. Now the Motivo that we have here again is
still a relatively young tire in Nitto’s lineup and was developed over the course of four
plus years to give owners an all season tire that can still perform, and that really is
the best way to sum up the Motivo here. But with all that said, there is a lot going
on with the tread design here of the Motivo, so let’s get into that a little bit further. This bad boy does feature an asymmetrical
design, so that’s gonna give you some flexibility with rotating the tire, however it does have
a set inner and outer portion, meaning very important when it comes time to mount these
things up to your favorite set of wheels. Now the tire itself does have these two large
inner blocks working with the large center rib here and that’s gonna help give this thing
it’s dry performance, dry handling in addition to some straight line stability. Now one thing I think is very cool that these
two very small little portions here on the inner and outer shoulder. Those are actually alignment indicators and
that’s something Nitto incorporated into this tire to basically give you guys an indication
if this thing is wearing properly. Now that’s a good way to give you a heads
up. If it’s not wearing properly one side might
be a bit lower than the other and at that point you can check your tow, check your camber
things like that, make sure your alignment is in check, and ultimately that will help
this tire achieve its advertised 60,000 mile lifespan, which is very impressive for an
all season tire that gives you this kind of performance. But as you guys know all-season tires are
about more than just nice sunny weather days, they also need to do their job in the cold
and wet type of scenarios. Now that’s where these five circumferential
grooves are going to come into play. This is a 315 so, on some of the narrower
sizing, you’re only going to see four. You’re also getting an abundance of siping
here with the Nitto. And they’ve actually incorporated what they
like to call their 3D multiwave sipes which again will allow for wet weather traction
in addition to the high silica compound here. But it’s also gonna allow these tread blocks
to kind of lock together when accelerating or cornering hard, giving you even better
traction. But going to the UTQG numbers, you’re gonna
find the Motivo delivers a tread wear number of 560, which will indicate a little bit more
of a lifespan compared to some of your other softer tires within the category. Now traction and temp grade will both be a
single A respectively. And talking about reviews here with the Motivo,
guys, very favorable on the site in addition to some other resources as well. A lot of guys report back saying the handling
is crisp, its responsive, traction is great year-round and even in the snow, according
to one three valve owner. And best of all it’s gonna do all of that
while being very quiet on the road and the highway. But also keep in mind here guys, that the
Nitto Motivo is available in a number of our pre-configured wheel and tire packages which
by the way are guaranteed to fit your ride without rubbing, in addition to taking advantage
of free mounting and balancing, your optional TPMS install and your optional nitrogen fill. Best of all, they ship to your door absolutely
free of charge. So if you’re the type of Mustang owner who
likes to drive their car hard all year long despite the conditions but you don’t wanna
sacrifice when it comes to handling, performance or traction, the Nitto Motivo will certainly
be worth a look and you can grab your set right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I had a set of these back in 2015 in 275/40/20, and these tires are awesome. Quiet and comfortable ride handling and traction is improved tremendously. I was so impressed with this tire. You will not believe the grip this tire has!!!! Tread life is amazing also. You will not be disappointed with this tire. It is a HUGE upgrade from any stock tire.

  3. I am hooked on my Pirelli tires.
    255 35 19 front with 19×9 s
    And 19×10 with 305x35x19s rear but I want 335s next time I run there summer tires .

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