1979-2018 Mustang Mickey Thompson Street Comp Tire (17-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang Mickey Thompson Street Comp Tire (17-20″) Review

The Mickey Thompson Street Comp will be an
affordable, ultra high-performance summer tire available for all ’79 and newer Mustangs. Now, the Street Comp here is gonna be offered
in size ranging from 17 to 20 inches in diameter and widths ranging from 245 to 305 at its
widest. Now your pricing will obviously vary depending
on your tire size but expect to be spending right around 100 bucks on the low side all
the way up to 200 bucks per tire for your larger sizing. So up until a few years ago when you heard
the name Mickey Thompson, you probably thought maybe a badass drag tire or maybe even a hardcore
off-road tire, but all around street performance, well, that wasn’t really the company’s forte. Sure, they had the Sportsman series of tires,
but that was geared more towards the classic muscle cars or the street rod scene, but the
company again, didn’t really offer much in a way for the modern muscle cars of today. That is of course until they released the
Mickey Thompson Street Comp which you see right here as their affordable option in the
ultrahigh performance summer tire category. Now, this tire continues to be extremely popular
here on the site and it is one that I’ve used on my personal S197 with great result. But let’s take a closer look at the Street
Comp here, breakdown some of the greatest hits if you will. And on the surface, the Street Comp will be
an asymmetrical design or tire. Meaning, it’s not directional and therefore
can be rotated in the traditional sense, and that ultimately will help you get a little
bit more life out of the tire itself. But let’s take a closer look at the tread
design here with the Street Comp. And here’s a couple of things that you will
notice. First and foremost, these large shoulder blocks
here which are going to do a couple of things for you. Really help your turning and improve your
cornering, but also help improve your traction off the line, in addition to the overall stiffness
of the tire. Along with that guys, you are getting five
deep grooves running the center of the tire around the circumference here which will really
help this tire shine in wet conditions and also help reduce any possible hydroplaning
situations. Now, your sidewhall here is gonna be relatively
simple by design, and let’s face it guys, that’s something I really like because I don’t
want my tire to distract from my wheels for one, and two guys, let’s face it, it’s gonna
be much easier to clean and if you’re really OCD like me, it’s gonna make for much easier
application of your tire shine. Now, your UTQG rating for the Street Comp
here is gonna be 300 for treadwear, so relatively soft tire but there will be softer tires out
there in the UHP category. Now, both your traction and temperature grades
are the highest available, so AA and single A respectively. And again, as someone who’s had this tires
on my personal S197, I can tell you the experience was a relatively pleasant one. Pretty quiet while on the road, while the
tread design and the larger shoulder blocks definitely help with turning response and
things like that when you do take on some back roads. Now, one thing to be mindful of guys, again,
because it is a UHP or essentially a summer tire, they can be a little slick when cold. So, never bad idea to get some heat in these
guys if you are gonna be driving in those colder temperatures and just something to
be mindful of. But again, that will be the case for most
summer tires or UHP tires within the category. And on the topic of my personal experience
here with the Street Comp, it’s a great time to remind you guys to check out the customer
reviews on the product page if you haven’t already done so as it is a great resource
from owners like myself who’ve actually put some miles on these tires and are gonna give
you their real-world feedback. Also worth mentioning here, gang, that you
can grab the Street Comp in a number of our preassembled wheel and tire kits which will
pair this tire up with some of your favorite wheels on the site. They’re gonna be mounted. They’re gonna be balanced and they’re gonna
ship to your absolutely free of charge. But just again, quick heads up for you 2007
and newer owners out there, don’t forget to grab those TPMS sensors. Otherwise, you will be staring at a light
on your dash. So, in closing, if you’re looking to grab
a grippy, ultrahigh performance summer tire from one of the most recognizable names in
the game, be sure to give the Street Comps from Mickey Thompson a look right here americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I may have to give these a try considering that i can't find the Mickey Thompson ET S/S anywhere and I only need ONE!

  3. Grate tire, I have 305 35 20 got them here at AM and they've lasted longer then except, had them for roughly 1 year with life left even with the burnouts and donuts and lots of grip when they warm, I live in California so it about 75 to 85 most of the time.

  4. I went to order some street comps. But the website I was on said the tires were recommended for use with auto transmission only. What does that mean?

  5. Got them on my 2002 supercharged Harley Davidson F150, and they're quite sticky. Plus they look great. I got 305's on all 4 corners, and they look fatter than the 315's I had on there before.

  6. Had these tires last year, currently have NT555 G2's and they're great but the MT's has more traction even in the wet. Definitely getting these again next.

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