1979-2018 Mustang Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tire (15-18″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tire (15-18″) Review

The Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R will be
for the owners who are looking for a DOT-legal radial front runner for their drag setup from
one of the most trusted names in drag racing. Now your sizing will be available for 15,
17, and 18-inch wheels with tire heights ranging from 26 to 30 inches tall. Now, you’re gonna find a few different widths
available and a majority will be in the traditional skinny sizing, however, there will be wider
options available like we have here. So either way, feel free to check out the
product page to get a better idea of the sizing, depending on your wheel diameter. Pricing, as always, will vary depending on
your size but you’re looking to spend around 200 bucks for most skinny sizes with some
of the wider options, again, like we have here, landing you just north of 300 bucks
per tire. Now, the S/R in Sportsman S/R actually refers
to street rod, as this tire was designed as a modern radial for the muscle cars and hot
rods of yesterday. Basically, guys out there who wanted the performance,
the ride quality, and the look of a modern tire and would prefer not to go with a period
correct bias ply or something that frankly just looks a litttle bit dated. Now, in doing so, they actually created a
very popular tire that late model Mustang guys like myself found as a suitable front
runner or skinny for their big and little drag setup. Now, running a skinny up front at the track
will have a couple of benefits from shedding a little bit of weight, to lessening your
rolling resistance, and even helping take some of the sway out of the car on the big
end. Now ideally, you’d love to pair a radial front
runner up with a drag radial in the rear but I’m actually running a Sportsman S/R with
a bias ply in the rear and the car has been rock solid for me crossing the traps at over
135 miles an hour. Couple of things to point out here with the
Sportsman S/R, it is a directional tire thanks to it’s very unique flame tread pattern as
Mickey T. likes to call it, meaning you can only rotate it a couple of different ways. It’s also been given an H speed rating. Now, this thing is a radial. It has been given the DOT stamp of approval
making it fully street legal so guys out there who love running their big and little combo
all year long, I can’t blame ya but this will certainly be a good option. But, chances are, if you are running the skinny
version of the Sportsman S/R up front, chances are you’re running a drag radial or something
like that in the back, so just be careful getting caught in the rain with this thing. Even though this does have some tread, chances
are your radial or slick does not. Another big thing to point out, if you are
running a skinny up front, your handling will suffer dramatically so don’t try entering
your car in any Autocross races with a skinny up front and be sure to use caution when handling
with that skinny in place. But, in closing, guys, if you’re looking for
a front runner tire to use on your big and little combo, the Sportsman S/R is a tried
and true skinny option that will get you to and from the track thanks to its DOT stamp
of approval in addition to getting you down the track a little bit quicker as well. So be sure to check out the Sportsman S/R
front runner from Mickey Thompson right here at americanmuscle.com.

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