1979-2018 Mustang Mickey Thompson ET Street SS Tire (15″-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang Mickey Thompson ET Street SS Tire (15″-20″) Review

The Mickey Thompson Street S/S drag radial
will be one of your more street friendly radials out there to help put the power down, but
won’t render the car totally useless in the rain like the Mickey Pro might. Now the DOT legal S/S will be available in
sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter and section widths ranging from 235 on the
narrow side, to a 305 on the wider side. Pricing as always will depend on your sizing
but things will start around 180 bucks for the smaller stuff and will top out around
$360 for the big guys. So for those of you who know that Mickey Thompson
name you’ll know that this is the kind of stuff they specialize in, right. They make tires to help you guys hook up on
the street and at the strip. Now sure they have evolved over the years
and diversified their lineup but I still think most people hear that name Mickey Thompson,
they immediately think drag related tire. Now ever since 2004 Mickey Thompson has been
evolving their drag radial lineup starting with that legendary ET Street, which was then
followed shortly by the ET Street II. Now those two tires were a staple for racers
in the DOT class for both NMRA & NMCA but as time went on, Mickey felt it was time to
evolve their drag radial game even further, to appeal to a wider range of customers. So now Mickey has a bunch of different radials
in the category, including the ET Street Pro, the Street R and the S/S shown here which
stands for street strip. Now the goal of the S/S here was to come up
with a tire that can still offer all of the bite of their competition radial but in a
much more street able package with treadwear that could help the owners who might get caught
in the occasional pop-up rain shower. Basically the street strip name sums up the
purpose of this tire perfectly because it’s gonna be for the owners who wanna drive to
the track, cut some low 60 foot times and then drive home without changing a thing. Now the S/S shown here again is essentially
the evolution of the ET Street II radial and will feature the most tread void out of any
other drag radial in the Mickey Thompson lineup. So again if you do happen to get caught in
the rain, it’s not a total Jesus take the wheel moment, like it would be with the Mickey
Pro or even their Street R tire or even like the Nitto NTO5R. Trust me I know, I am speaking from experience
on this one. But what do you say we take a closer look
at the S/S here. And again this is a DOT rated drag radial,
meaning it will be approved for street use. The S/S is a steel-belted radial, so it’s
gonna be a little bit more stable than the street R and basically do more than just go
straight. Right, it’s gonna offer some cornering stability
as well. Grip, as you might expect not really an issue
here with the SS, as Mickey does utilize their seem R2 tread compound they use on more aggressive
radials like the street R and also the Mickey Pro and by the way is the same exact compound
they use on the fastest radial cars in the world. The obvious flip side of this is that because
this is such a soft tire, don’t expect to get 50,000 miles out of these things or really
anywhere close to that. Now sure ultimately your driving and racing
habits will have a direct impact on how long this thing lasts but let’s face it guys, you’re
not buying these things for mileage, you’re looking for some added traction. Also because of the soft compound be a little
careful in cold weather use, basically below 50 degrees as these things can get a little
slick on you. So when you’re cornering hard never a bad
idea to get some heat in the tire first through a burnout or something like that. Now for my usual disclaimer, go ahead and
check out the customer review section if you haven’t already done so on the product page
because it’s a great way to get some real-world feedback on how Mustang owners are enjoying
the Mickey Thompson S/S on their own rides, in addition to possibly answering any other
questions you may have about this tire. But wrapping things up here guys, if you’re
looking for a drag radial that can do it all then be sure to check out the S/S from Mickey
Thompson. Right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. These tires are decent, not great. I have bought MT Drag Radials for several years now and I have to say the review was fair. If you get caught in the rain the do still grip. That being said these S/S tires do not grip nearly as good as the old ET street (3744R) tire. Why did MT discontinue the old tire. It was better. Can anyone answer that?

  3. There's mention of the traction when below 50 degrees, etc. What about, as with many summer only tires, where it is recommended not to use them below 40 degrees due to potential of CRACKING? Thanks

  4. What kind of mileage are people getting out of these. Already have my drag setup, looking for something to grip ok and get ok mileage.

  5. I have a Chevy c10 with 15in rims. I was looking into the cobra cooper and the bfgoodrich radial. Are these better?

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