1979-2018 Mustang Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Tire (19-20″) Review

1979-2018 Mustang Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Tire (19-20″) Review

If you’re looking for a tire that sets the
bar in regards to an ultrahigh performance all-season tire, look no further than the
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+. Now, this highly rated and very popular tire
will be available in sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches in diameter and in section widths
ranging from 205 on the narrow side to 325 at its widest. Your price point will obviously depend on
your sizing here, but expect to be in the ballpark of 130 bucks for your smaller sizing
and upwards of high 300s for some of your larger or wider sizes. So, the Pilot line-up from Michelin is a very
broad and very popular line-up from an extremely capable tire like the Super Sport, 4S and
the Cup 2, all the way down the line to their equally as capable all-season offerings like
the A/S+, the A/S 3 which is the predecessor to the tire we’re talking about here today
which is the 3+. Now, the 3+ that we’re talking about here
again, is the company’s latest and greatest all-season offering and in their words will
offer summer tire levels of wet and dry grip along with cold weather performance and light
snow mobility. And I would argue that’s probably how most
manufacturers would like to describe their version of an ultrahigh performance all-season
tire. The difference being here that the 3+ is actually
going to back that claim up. Now, big reason for that is Michelin’s trademarked
Helio Compound which drops the operating temperature range of the tire. So, it’s still gonna perform on those cooler
days without hardening up like an ultrahigh performance summer tire might. Now, toss in extraordinary levels of silica
here with the 3+ and that’s where you’re gonna get those extreme levels of grip in the wet
condition. So, with all these features, it really does
become pretty clear why this tire consistently ranks amongst the top performers in third-party
testing. Now, Michelin also claims that this tire is
gonna offer the shortest wet and dry braking of any leading competitive tire in the ultrahigh
performance all-season category. And for as good as this tire is in the wet
and dry conditions, it’s equally as good, all things considered, in light snow as well. Now, a big portion of that snow grip can be
attributed to these biting edges, almost serrated edges within the tread void. Little hard to see on the table here, I know. But that’s gonna help grab that loose snow
to improve traction on those less than ideal winter days. In fact, Michelin claims that the A/S 3+ is
28% better in the snow when compared to the original 3. So, again, you’re driving your Mustang year-round
and you get a few snowy days a year, this is a really attractive tire to look at. And speaking of looking at this tire, let’s
check out that asymmetrical tread pattern which will allow this thing to be rotated
in the tradition sense as long as you’re not working with a staggered fitment of course. And even though things might not appear to
be aggressive on the surface here, don’t let the relatively pedestrian looks of the 3+
fool you. That’s because this tire does borrow that
same variable contact patch tech that Michelin originally developed for their Formula 1 program
which will help this tire achieve those summer tire levels of grip and response. Now, your UTQG numbers are a little bit interesting
here, guys, 500 for treadwear, so a little harder than other tires in the category. So, that should allow some more mileage out
of this thing. In addition to a AA and single A respectively
for your traction and temp grades. As always gang, be sure to check out our prebuilt
tire and wheel kits featuring the 3+ from Michelin which are offered in sizes guaranteed
to fit your ride without rubbing even if your Mustang is lowered a little bit. On top of that, we do mount them, we balance
them for free. We install those optional TPMS sensors and
finally ship them to your door. Again, free of charge. So, if you want an all-season tire for your
Mustang that can even outperform some of the ultrahigh performance summer tires on the
market with that bad weather traction to boot, then, be sure to check out a set of Michelin
Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires right here at americanmuscle.com.

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  2. I might get these instead of dedicated summer tires. The dry and wet traction on these are amazing and with 500 tread wear you cant go wrong. They will not replace snow tires however. They are not soft enough.

  3. I have got my 2nd set of 4 two years ago … I give them 2 👍👍 up yes sir. 285/35 on 19x10s 40 offset on 2012 GT all around and yes they do fit no rubbing yes sir.

  4. Had these tires on for about two years now. Excellent tires! Always have grip when you need it. Only downfall is that they say it’s good for snow but I didn’t find it was great as they are stating.

  5. "all season tire" is a fancy way of saying "bad tire in all conditions", get a set of summer and a set of studded winter tires and never, ever use "all season tires".

  6. Ironically, I bought these on a Friday 225/50/17 and gave up the winter tires which were worthless in the rain here in PNW Washington. Monday came with a foot of snow and I had no problems in the snow, even on hills from a stop in my 2016 focus ST. Even in the morning after the slight melt and freeze they did just fine.

  7. These tires are amazing! I have stock suspension besides lower control arms and I’m running these on my 14 mustang. 285 40 19 and it’s so grippy in corners! It’s unreal. I can’t wait until I install my Koni shocks and struts and Panhard bar with lowering springs and Jounce kit!

  8. TDI Tuned with over 360 lb-ft of torque and I have tried Falken, Continentals and Bridgestone… all used to spin on a Launch, BUT not these babies… I have tried and tried to spin them but they are sticking GREAT… 10/10 marks for grip.

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