1979-2016 Mustang Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z III Tire Review

1979-2016 Mustang Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z III Tire Review

Hey, everybody, I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com,
and welcome to my detailed breakdown of the Sumitomo HTR Z III tire available in sizes
to fit you ’94 to ’15 Mustang. So the HTR Z III is the third generation in
Sumitomo’s high technology radial lineup. And as you might expect, guys, it’s gonna
be the most capable. Now, Sumitomo categorizes this thing as a max performance summer tire,
carries a UTQG rating of 300 for tread wear, the max possible for traction which is a double
A, and a single A for temperature. Since these are a max performance summer tire,
I’d be weary of using this rubber in temperatures below 45 degrees if you plan on doing some
spirited driving as they do tend to harden up, and they will, of course, lose some traction.
Now, can you still use these things in the cold weather? Absolutely. In fact, I had a
set of summer tires on my own GT. I drive it all year long here in the northeast. You
just have to be smart about it. Grip certainly suffers and traction is really hard to come
by until you get some heat in the tires. But again, if you do plan on driving in the cold
weather conditions, just be safe and use your head. Getting in to the sizing here with the HTR
Z III, we’ll find these things available in a ton of different sizing options, including
17, 18, 19, and 20-inch diameters, giving you the ability to run these things on your
SN95, your S197, or even your brand new S550. Because of this, you will find these tires
available in a lot of our pre-assembled wheel and tire kits here at American Muscle. So
be sure to check those out if you happen to be shopping for wheels and tires at the same
time. It’ll definitely make life a lot easier. Diving a little deeper into the Sumitomo,
the HTR Z III, you are gonna find more of a traditional tread pattern, which is certainly
a departure from the radical tread pattern Sumitomo used with the HTR Z II. And you are
gonna find a lot of new tech into the tread itself. They used an asymmetrical design here
which is gonna help both your straight line stability in addition to your cornering performance. Getting into the wet performance, guys, you
will notice of course these four really wide deep grooves here, and that’s gonna do a great
job of basically exiting all water from the tires footprint, pumping out your wet performance.
Now, an interesting little fact here with the HTR Z III, Sumitomo claims that this extra
ribbing here at the inside shoulder block is really gonna help with the wear characteristics
of this tire especially on cars with independent rear suspensions, hello, S550s, in addition
to cars running a little negative camber. Of course, that’s for all you guys out there
with lowered Mustangs. It is worth pointing out, guys, that the HTR
Z III and all Sumitomo tires, for that matter, are covered by a limited workmanship and materials
warranty. And basically, what that means is that this thing is gonna be covered for pretty
much the life of the tire from any manufacturing defects, but unfortunately, won’t cover any
road hazards or anything like that. As always, guys, if I haven’t answered every
single one of your questions about the HTR Z III, and you do wanna talk more tire tech
with a Mustang expert, reach out anytime. They’ll be more than happy to get you set
up with the right tires for your setup. So if you guys are looking for one of the
best values on the market today in regards to dry performance, excellent road manners,
and a very competitive price, then be sure to check out a set of HTR Z IIIs for your
Mustang here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. Meh.  They are black and round and hold your car up.  Dry traction is minimal for any car with power, though they make for nice burnouts.  Had them on an '07 GT500, and yeah, fairly useless.  Great for drifting. Ok in the rain, wouldn't try them in the snow.

  2. I have these on my 1998 mustang gt. Overall, they are very decent tires for the price. They are fantastic as summer tires. Rain makes them a little hard to control wheel spin in the rear, but I have yet to hit a turn in the rain without confidence. The diagonal tread pattern deflects water as you are turning.

  3. I'm shocked by the negative reviews. I have these on my 2012 GT with Koni Yellow, Ford K Springs, and Sway bars. They stick extremely well, have better turn in then the pirelli, and decent weather handling.

  4. These tires suck ! Have them on my 13 mustang gt , and traction is horrible , rear sways due to lack of grip 🤦🏻‍♂️

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