1979-2004 Mustang Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Tire Review

1979-2004 Mustang Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II Tire Review

Hey guys, Justin with AmericanMuscle.com here,
and this is my in depth look at the Sumitomo High Performance HTR Z II tire, available
in sizes fitting your ’79 through 2014 Mustang. The HTR Z II tire I have with me here today
is by far one of the most recognizable tires on the market today thanks largely in part
to its directional tread pattern, which is very unique, its very affordable price tag,
along with its excellent wet and dry traction. This high technology radial, or HTR, is the
second generation in the HTR lineup, hence the II in the name, and is going to be a great
bang for your buck ultra high performance summer tire for your Mustang. Getting into those universal tire quality
grade numbers, or UTQG as they’re known as, which is a government mandated test that all
summer tires are subjected to, you’re going to find a tread wear rating of 360 with the
second generation HTR Z tire and a grade of A in both traction and temperature, respectively.
That 360, guys, is more than double the number of the original tread wear with the original
HTR Z tire. Basically, according to that government mandated test, this tire should last twice
as long if not a little longer than the original HTR Z, of course depending on your driving
habits, but won’t be as soft as the original HTR Z. With all that out of the way, let’s get into
some of the specifics here with this rubber. The HTR Z II is a multi-compound tire. You’re
going to find an ultra microcarbon technology which is going to help you with your dry traction
with this rubber, in addition to a lot of silica which is going to be baked into this
thing, and that’s going to help you with your wet traction. Helping with the wet traction
in addition to that silica compound we have this crazy unique tread pattern here which,
besides being functional, I have to admit will look pretty cool while on the car. You
guys can almost visualize how the water simply gets ejected from this tire as it rolls over
a puddle. Because of this tread pattern Sumitomo says this tire, “has phenomenal hydroplaning
resistance”. Let’s just hope you guys never have to find out. In addition to helping with your wet performance
here, the unique tread pattern with the HTR Z II and these short wide tread blocks are
going to help with your corner handling ability, your cornering performance and grip, and keep
this tire pretty much dead quiet for the majority of its life. I will say that I have read some
reviews, full disclosure, that this thing can get a little noisy as it nears the end
of its life span, but overall should be quiet for the majority of its use. Finally, guys,
Sumitomo has incorporated this flange lip here with the HTR Z II, a little hard to see
without a wheel installed onto the tire, but basically the purpose of this is to help protect
your wheel in the event you get a little too close to a curb or something like that. As always, guys, don’t forget the HTR Z II
tire is available with a lot of our pre-assembled wheel and tire kits here at AmericanMuscle.com,
where we pair this rubber up with some of the wheels of your choice, taking all the
work out of the wheel buying process for you. We mount and balance these things. We give
you the option of nitrogen fills in addition to TPMS sensors already installed. Last but
not least, we ship these things to your door absolutely free of charge. Just bolt them
up and go. The Sumitomo HTR Z II is definitely going
to be one of the best value tires available here at AmericanMuscle.com. It’s going to
offer great performance, excellent wet and dry traction, and give you a long life span
at a very affordable price. Be sure to check out a set for your ride right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  1. i had similar to those on my 06 gt which was stock "18r 295" . they had no grip at all i do not recommend it . but they look good from behind on a fat rim tho .

  2. worst tire I have ever run. Sorry AM, but you guys need a new entry level wrapper for rim packages, in similar prices, at similar treadwear ratings, but better performers, are the Falken FK 452/453, BFG Sport Comp 2, and heck about 4 other market leaders. The Sumis just dont perform under stress at all. Wet traction was shockingly poor compared to those mentioned above, and this tire falls apart under very little hard cornering.

  3. Recently got these. They're okay, a bit noisy especially taking sharp clipping points and turns in general. Idk why people bash these tires so much considering that these tires are stupid cheap to begin with.

  4. Idk what peoples deal is but these tires are wonderful, holds well in the rain and grabs well on a warm day. They're beast.

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