130HP Engine Swapped Odyssey Test Drive

130HP Engine Swapped Odyssey Test Drive

[Music] we are back in the garage back to working on the Odyssey we have new studs u-joints going on yeah and of course tires yes tires this is everything we need to get it test drive in at least pack of studs with nuts that should be enough to replace all the broken ones there’s such cute little u-joints think they’re gonna take the power of the rmk for a minute oh hey these are the packing peanuts that are another corn starch really yeah I used to build castles out of these things another kid to see it looks pretty sleek without that suspension on there yeah looks like it’s more of a flying device than a TV well it might become a flying device and some sensible work yeah so first step is you take out these little sir clips and spacer washers and soak the whole thing with some sort of lubricant uh-huh and then put it in the press and you think the take out the spacers and wash and clips on both sides and then you push it through a bit after a little bit of shenanigans of kind of pushing it back and forth a bit until you can get these to pop out enough and you take this and put it back in the press and press those little cups all the way out [Music] now that the u-joints are out of here these things are all rusted and messed up so I’m gonna kind of clean out the barrels here before we put it back in so [Music] alright guys we’re gonna take a quick break from building to talk about the sponsor for this video audible now audible is my favorite place to buy and listen to audiobooks Ethan and I actually just got done listening to Elon Musk by Ashley Vance and Elon has an insane life story his approach to design engineering inventing is just so cool and so inspiring Ethan and I listen to this audio book and we were just like we have to get into the garage and build some more stuff invent some more stuff so I think it have the same effect on you guys and I definitely recommend that listen no audible is really cool because you actually own your audiobooks so if you cancel your service you still have them now audible is doing a special deal for you guys if you text GHP see 2 500 500 or go to audible.com slash GHP see you’ll get a 30-day free trial which gives you a free audiobook and two free audible originals so that’s audible.com slash GH pc or txt GH pc – 500 500 all right let’s get back to building pile of snap rings and sweet time for some pressing huh yeah aggressive first off slip these in the first a little bit is looser so they just pop in and then very carefully dip that in air press it over and make sure that it lines up those needles get pushed off clean up the snap ring and the groove that it goes into the spacer in there find your snap ring pliers yeah and then that sides pressed in a little bit too far if that’s okay because when I press this side on it’ll push it back and that’s you know got the snap ring in there first so it’ll push it right back up to that first new you joint in and it is nice and stiff and smooth which is what you want your u-joint this one is old yeah it’s it’s still not terrible not as bad as I thought it might be but given that we’re trying to put 130 hundred and 40 horsepower through these yeah we need every little bit we can get yep nuts for sure I actually have a fair bit of faith in them after replacing them you know they’re pretty sturdy [Music] [Music] just got everything put back together how’s the slop oh I feels way better I think the only play now is actually use a little bit in the splines here oh wow but that doesn’t really matter yeah it’s not a weak point you judge yourself for me to watch got another big bucks for the Odyssey and this one came early it did yeah this wasn’t supposed to get here till Friday I think quality box quality quality packing here Oh looks like tires very squishy squishy tires yeah that should be bit smaller but yeah I figured we’d go with kind of a similar retro II buggy looking tire for now just burn them up see how it does and then we’ll cuz we don’t even know what size tires we want that’s really the only way we can change the gearing at this point is different tires so we just got these ones that are pretty cheap they’ll look cool on there for now and then later on we’ll just get new wheels new tires all the way around but we couldn’t even test-drive it because that tire has a giant gash in it mm-hmm so this is just the cheapest way we could get test driving until we figure out exactly the sizing we want exactly [Music] got a lot of rust going on here and there pretty difficult to D beat so far on some new wheels that’s for sure these ones are toast trustees in there and the good news is that didn’t have a tube in yeah which means at least that melts them now let’s take a tour of the inside of this tire real quick oh it’s pieces of the actual wheel or just rested off giant chunks inside of the tire Wow and there they are and all their glory and all their tiny tiny glory they’re always supposed to be an inch smaller in diameter I don’t know how you measure but that looks like more than an inch to me yeah those are way smaller I mean either who are inflated but yeah oh well it’s actually good we’ll be a lot less likely to break stuff during the first test-drive mm-hmm just give us a good baseline and then we can just have a smoke show yeah I’m really looking forward to the smoke show front brakes working waiting to put the front brakes and then we can go out to the pavement and just burn them off yes we don’t care about the rims we just burn them until they blow up oh yeah for sure and then keep grinding on the rims – why not unless they work well thus if the size is good we’ll ride him up for a while you need but I have a hunch they’re just gonna be in Italy yeah attempt for our favorite thing to do with new tires [Music] hey hey that got a lot bigger yeah not really work wow those are interesting yeah they look way cooler blown up yeah also the bigger diameter I think even bigger than the ones that were on there yeah I mean that might be just a 25 that they’re supposed to be honestly but yeah it is that makes sense so small because they hadn’t squeezed out yeah the way those look yeah me too there’s people they looked a lot more nimble than what was on there too yeah yeah oh man I can’t wait to shred now you all back yeah getting physics safety first [Music] [Music] take it out [Music] that’s hilarious that should not work alright time to get let er rip with these tires and now you can rev it out more that you’re not worried about it knockin itself off the stand [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this might be another ear plugs required machine that is laughs yeah I had mine in what do you think I think she looks like a rowdy send monster oh yeah I’m so ready to ride she’s so close to at least a test-drive was a little stiff all right it is time to prep the odyssey for its very first test drive got to fill in all the welds got to get the seat mounted the harness mounted get the wiring harness out of the way yeah and then for basically ready to send it at that point yeah I we definitely had plans of like getting stuff more finished before we wrote it for the first time but really that doesn’t make a lot of sense like we want to just test drive it before we go too far with anything [Music] I know we did this on purpose but it looks like things are going really wrong [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] there’s a test drop or what [Applause] [Music] I like Jam nice can’t wait to jump it yeah we have some extra exhaust wrap from when we bought it from the G I’m thinking we should wrap that header look quick and then we got some aluminum heat tape someone out here would take a whole back of a seat then install see [Music] [Music] well this is funny we actually just lost power yeah so removing everything closer to the garage door so we can see well we just decided to bring it all outside because it is dark in there it’s looking a little spaceship II it looks sweet yeah yeah it’s gonna Wow looks pretty cool we’ll see if it works and there really is quite a bit of air between the two as well yeah I mean it’s you know three quarters of an inch or something which isn’t a whole lot but with heat heat wrap on here and all right how does it feel so safe I mean it might be a little bit of an illusion because you could still get pretty screwed up you know it’s definitely a keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times sort of thing both your hands yeah no kidding but yeah if we get super rowdy might want to make some nets here or something snake it I don’t know anyway the harness is great you it’s very very sturdy plus it’s just exciting to have a 5.9 or some stuffs about to happen dang what do we gotta do to get ripping we’re gonna work on the wiring harness because first of all it’s just dangling back there and then also I want to wire up the kill switch to this so that the wires are all right here and they’ll take you know just couple minutes cuz I don’t want to be stuck in this thing without a way to shut it off if something starts going like that and the brakes so the front brake is actually pretty stiff like I can just barely pull it all the way to the handlebar the rear brake it comes right to the bar so yeah we need to read leave that get the wiring sorted out and then well reattach the gas the temporary gas tank and uh yeah and it’s shred time [Music] [Music] [Music] how’s the wiring process going very very sloppy uh-huh I’m really just I found some power here constant power at idle and this is a ground and I ran that up to the fan here so the fan will run it doesn’t really run in idle because this doesn’t put out enough power and idle but when it revs up it’ll be fine and I’ve just got all these wires and stuff just sort of taped and zip tied out of the way because this is really just the most rough of test runs I really enjoy how rowdy it looks right now yeah with all the zip ties in it we had an attack just something as if tied on there and like oh yeah motorcycle gas tank up here like it’s just awesome no contact and yep sweet that’s right first try no black is still a kill switch it’s the same in 1985 as was in 2003 and I think oh yeah both Oh Barbie car and Cinderella both have the same gear of engine they’re both 2003 Honda engines whoa realize that yeah and we got Cinderella’s gas tank right here so really we’re keeping it in the family Honda gas tank right yeah Cinderella’s donor gas tank yeah this is just some random wiring out of our scrap pile and I might have be able to keep the wires green and black for the kill switch Oh it’ll be green and maybe yellow yeah green and yellow close enough the power came back on all finished up it started pouring rain we’re way too excited to get it so yep we’re just gonna go for it because you should always test your home-built devices in a thunderstorm yep exactly why but I do have a kill switch now they kill wired up a kill switch so I can shut it off I can’t start possibly functioning temperature warning light we’ve got the fan wired up time to send it ready for a pull my friend [Applause] [Applause] oh shoot take it easy like always geez that accelerated like nobody’s business yes all right I got a switch to slow mo he just had it on two wheels over this whole corner it’s only a second time going up the driveway this is legendary Oh [Music] oh dude yeah okay so you know how everything we built wants to kill you this thing looks to kill you extra good let’s take it to a whole nother level of suicide as I can tell by your camera that’s covered in mine yeah that last corner I probably could have been a little further back from dude it is so quick yeah I never held the throttle wide open for more than about a second oh man I can’t see my screen right now there’s so much blood Wow and the suspension is actually amazingly soft I look this good hooray it was fantastic it looked like nothing the turning radius is terrible aside from that it’s amazing I gotta drive it up the hill oh-ho yeah I wanted to stop and check some things make sure everything’s tight before I it’s like unlike some of the vehicles we built I can’t actually monitor anything while I’m driving whoa I mean this is good evidence of how fast and terrifying it is because normally I don’t actually react at all the first time I Drive yeah for real oh wow that is fun [Music] tires gonna fly this is just the best day ever this is so sick this is so rowdy everything is just strapped on and half pain old and literally held you got it with zip tied obviously not the chassis but basically everything else man the modesty is a rowdy monster oh yeah I mean I think everybody’s figured it out just you know the comments but I don’t know who came up with that first but modesty is real name of the Odyssey yeah you’re gonna be a little wet after this [Applause] while all right Ethan Artie wants to go up the steep hill so that’s cool I’m gonna have to wear some glasses when I film this thing it’s a legend oh yeah I’m gonna fold slow go straight up from the top your uh let’s see your gas tank is everywhere it fell off that was the coolest thing ever yeah knock the gas tank off and it got eaten by the clutch yeah can’t win them all it’s like when you’re cornering and going down the hill how is that the the bumps and stuff it’s actually surprisingly comfortable I thought that suspension was gonna kind of suck right it’s actually surprisingly good it’s definitely scary it’s not steer tight yeah [Applause] how did it look going up the hill climb all just ridiculous yeah I’m pretty sure I can feel the front end getting light sometimes going up to steeper Hills oh it goes up yeah it goes up really yeah yeah you can’t really feel it that much yeah it’s like it’s like bumps up but yeah right so that rattles you could have held the bowels it would go up yeah yeah good looks a little wet yeah mom it’s a good thing we broke the gas tank before we got to Valley I guess you could say it’s tested yeah I mean who knows how long everything will hold up but it sure rips at the moment [Music]

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  1. I frickin love this. In my teens I had a home made go-cart. When I I got it it had a tied 3.5 hp Briggs. Well not for long. I put a 10 hp craftsmen on. And almost we’ll you know. Man I miss those days!

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  5. Fucking best craic ever this , man building off road buggies with his friends then sending it around his own back yard, c'mon!!!

  6. I've ridden everything from crotch rockets top rotax snow mobiles dirt bikes atvs ect, but the these stock are some of the baddest machines I've ever been on, I could only imagine what that thing is capable of

  7. It looks like it needs floor boards. Hate to see you go over a big bump and have your leg drop through the floor.

  8. This is nothing short of MADNESS!!!!!! Got any build videos I can thouroughly study so I can do something similar to mine?

  9. The original odessy had wrist loops on the steering wheel to put your hands through that kept your arms from flailing out side of the cart while barrel rolling down a cliff.

  10. So inspiring to see people actually building and creating cool stuff in the great outdoors even if it's a suicide machine very cool

  11. Pretty cool build other than the fan and radiator being above the engine and your head or I should say helmet will end up smashing the radiator fins.

  12. So glad I found this YouTube channel … subscribed and liking every vid. Just amazing you guys. Rock on. Your instagram account is legit as well!!! Checking ur Facebook page later tonight .. got a few more vids to watch first. By the way I also enjoyed the Q and A vids. Rock on guys !!!

  13. If that has 4 wheel drive..it's not an Odyssey..it's a Pilot…Pilots are extremely rare. It's an evolution of the Odyssey and the last version of the Odyssey style.

  14. Can the Odyssey's transmission handle the rmk? Ive been wanting to do a similar build, just cant ever find an Odyssey.

  15. When this thing is done, you have a serious contender to take over to Pismo Beach California to the sand drags or Glamis dunes.

    Years ago I had friend who threw a 3cyl nitrous powered snowmobile engine in an 85 Honda ATC 250R frame with a 6f long extended swingarm.
    That thing was unbeatable for years even though it was full on lunatic fringe to ride.

    I'd love to build one of these with a Busa engine and 6speed in it. Hmm, one for street and one for dirt…………………………

    Keep up the crazy cool builds.

  16. nice ride gays! I have a 2-stroke twin cylinder kawasaki js650sx i'm thinking about putting it on my fox carbide 150 or my ktm 300..

  17. Every time I watch a video of yours, I am amazed. You have a great engineering mind that seems to have no boundaries; keep it up and stay safe.

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    to the Beach?

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