£1000 per WEEK on a BIKE on UberEATS & STUART 💰

£1000 per WEEK on a BIKE on UberEATS & STUART 💰

This challenge, guys. It’s happening. I’m keeping it up. I’m keeping the momentum. We can do this. Yo, yo! What’s up guys? New challenge for you. From the guy who brought you 24 hours of UberEats straight. So it’s just gone 6am. So it means the sunrise is almost here. From the guy who brought you 25 hours of UberEats on Halloween straight. I am seriously wondering if security will stop me. Now I’m gonna provide to you: Can we make £1000 pounds in a week? Seven days. Monday to Sunday. Doing bicycles deliveries. I’ll be on UberEats. I’ll be on Stuart. We’ve got no shifts booked. We’ve got £0 guaranteed and we’re starting a bit later than I wanted to because I just couldn’t sleep last night because I was just so, so excited about spending a whole week probably doing 15 hours a day. I’m not sure about the tactics. I’m gonna have to average £143 pounds a day. Which sounds like quite a lot? I not sure if I’m going to try and hit that target each day and then stop for the day or if I’m gonna maybe do a little bit less during the weekdays because the weekend will probably be busier. Should be interesting. I’m gonna keep you guys updated along the way and, uh Good luck to me, I guess! Probably gonna need it. Late stage capitalism. An Uber delivery but I can’t do that because I’ve got a Stuart delivery. £7.50 for the drop, so we’re gonna make thousand pounds, easy! Heya mate. I’ve got a delivery. Cheers! Thanks, man! So yeah, th at was a really long drop it was about 3.2 miles which is We wait until we get a job on one of them. We sign off on the other. Whoever gives me the jobs first they’re gonna get my slave labor. Nah. It’s not that bad, guys. It’s not that bad. Come on! We a soup delivery to do here. We’re just praying. It looks dry! So we’ve got a nice, dry soup. This was a double delivery as well. This is the second of two and I couldn’t be more happy. And, we’re here…. Eventually. After the successful soup delivery, I jumped onto the Greenway Which is a foot and cycle path constructed on top of a sewer that was built in the 1800s. The cycle track actually has the alternative name of ‘Sewer Bank’. It’s an awesome way to avoid the traffic and get around quicker in East London and luckily it doesn’t smell… that bad. Feeling good about this. I feel like we might actually get £1000 this week. Don’t ask me how but it’s just the Universe, everything. It’s all going to come together. Don’t worry. It’s gonna happen. Because I had started the day quite late and it was December, the Sun was already setting. No worries. I got some cool views of the Emirates Airline, which is a cable car which goes across the River Thames. Temperatures seemingly dropped quick and I found myself scrambling for my gloves and neck buff. It is zero degrees, right now. Or one degree, zero degrees Celsius. Doesn’t matter. We’re out here in shorts. My dude! Shorts, man! I got: Seven, four, zero. Cheers! Thank you. Okay guys, so it’s gone 10pm, I think. I broke my phone cable, so I’m gonna have to try and locate another one of those before tomorrow, as soon as possible. It’s annoying. My phone was on silent by mistake so I missed a Stuart delivery. And now it’s kind of died off. So I’m just kind of heading back towards home. Just as I say that, I get an Uber come in. Let’s hope it’s not a McDonald’s. I just don’t really like doing McDonald’s. Oh, it’s a double! Well, it’s probably not a McDonald’s then. If it’s a McDonald’s I probably won’t do a double. Oh my God. Come on! Did I get it? What the hell!? You guys saw that, right? It randomly appeared. It’s not a double. It’s just one order. I want to try and go until midnight. It depends how long this battery lasts. Oh, it’s got a lentil soup. Great! I’ve had two soups today. They’ve gone alright but I don’t know… Third time lucky? Third time unlucky? We’re at the pizza place and we’re doing a pizza. But today’s going well. Apart from the phone cable breaking but whatever. Gonna have to get another one. It’s part of the expenses of this job. It’s so bad. It’s so bad. Sorry, man. Okay, I think Day One, that’s a wrap! I just dropped. I think it’s going to be my last delivery. A McDonald’s just north of Smithfield market. And I think we’re gonna go offline because I broke my charging cable for my phone and I haven’t been able to buy a new one out here at this time of night. So, we’re down to seven… 16% and I want enough to get home and have some charge in the morning. So, we’re gonna call it a night. Get a new cable tomorrow morning and uh, I guess wake up earlier so we can do more deliveries. Day Two. So I really am doing this, huh? It started quite relaxed. I was working in and around my local area. Little traffic and easy, chill streets to navigate. Drafting buses to save my energy and the low winter Sun giving my soul some much needed inspiration to continue in my arduous quest. We just dropped off a pizza. Seemed to go smoothly. Bit of a trippy lift, isn’t it? It’s gonna be really demoralising if today’s quiet because then it’s like have I got enough momentum for the rest of the week? I’m probably gonna have to go until midnight again tonight, so we’ll see how it goes. We’ll see how it goes. We can only try our best. We’ve got a unique delivery right now. We are delivering literally just some wooden crates. Ta-da! Let’s rock and roll, guys. Time is of the essence. We’ve got £1000 to make! Okay, so I’m about to drop-off those crates. Look at this delivery I just got on Uber. Two vegetarian pizzas. A special Barbican pizza. Seafood pizza. Hot pizza. Two four seasons pizzas. One bacon lover’s pizza. I think I’m gonna cancel this one. Okay, so we’re back near home. We just did an Uber. Let’s hope it picks up. It feels quiet, I mean, it hasn’t been that bad but it just feels quiet and just it feeling quiet makes me feel nervous and it makes me just… Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. It did feel quiet but maybe I was expecting too much from a standard Tuesday. Regardless, I stayed online and did every job that was throw at me. Well, unless it had 1000 pizzas. After being cut-off by some jerk, I received a chain of deliveries that sent me on a whacky loop up into North London. Places I never normally go. This can usually be fun but I was actually quite zoned-out, tired and hungry. I didn’t take a break and pushed on. It was too early in the week to start slacking already. I was about to just complain about how quiet it’s got but I just got an Uber in. Having some mince pies from Co-op. Vegan mince pies. Having a little rest here on a on a ‘Boris Bike’ as they call them. I guess we better go do this other Uber and probably do another one or two more deliveries. Try and head towards home. Pretty solid day today. Had a few little mishaps. I had I don’t know, I was feeling pretty pretty tripped out. Rode 1.8 miles to a delivery. When I go there I realised, well I made a mistake and I’ll let you guys guess what the mistake was. But I think Uber might still have paid me. We’ll see. We’ll see. They’ll probably take some back. Gonna finish this mince pie, do this delivery and that’s Day Two done. We’re doing it, guys. We’re doing it. It’s a McDonald’s delivery and there’s no drinks! It’s perfect! Let’s rock and fricking roll! What’s up? It’s gone midnight and I’ve got a double drop after this one. I’m really close to home so I’m hoping it’s, well actually I’m not hoping because I’m about to hit 100 miles if I don’t go straight home, so big day! Last delivery of the night, I reckon. Four alcoholic beverages for someone and we’re so close to home – it’s perfect! That was pretty hectic. After me sitting on the Boris Bike having a mince pie, I actually did five more deliveries on the way home. I just kept going. I just kept getting them. So I kept doing them! Why would I… this is the whole weird thing about this. Because it’s a whole week long challenge. If I do it now I might as well do it now because if I don’t do it now it only means I need to do more tomorrow and I’ll just sleep later and wake up later. It’s funny. In case you guys are wondering what I’m eating into fuel this. Cooked up a bunch of pasta, peas, beans. spinach, some herbs, spices, you know. Out on the road, I don’t really eat or drink that much while I’m riding. It’s probably a bad thing because I was tripping out a little bit today. Usually I eat junk food when I’m actually riding because. And I’ve been having porridge for breakfast. Oatmeal. Oats. So, I’m gonna eat this, get to sleep because we got to work tomorrow. We’ve gotta go go go go go go go. Oh, we did 100 miles. Did I say that? I did an extra like half a mile little lap to go home just to get a 100 miles because I’m just that kind of guy. Here’s the reheated, finished masterpiece. I can’t even speak straight. I’m gonna eat this and that’s Day Two done. Alright, guys. Day Three. And it’s a lovely sunny day. A bit chilly though and I just did second delivery, third one just came in. Get a lift selfie. Otherwise, you know, have we really been doing courier work if we didn’t get a lift selfie? I don’t know guys, what do you think? Just done a delivery to the top floor. Nice view of Victoria Park looking westward. Let’s see if there’s another view on the other side. So, I just did a delivery to an Australian guy and he took a photo of my hat to show his friends. Pretty funny. The hat working it’s magic. After a short time in Canary Wharf and a lull in deliveries, I decided to get snacking on, yep, a box of mince pies. You can’t blame me. I was just getting in the festive spirit! I was out racing bike commuters, Uber drivers and getting sweet drafts from buses. Heya, Just Eat. Cheers! Alright, we’ve just dropped off a delivery to this fancy place. Someone who’s working late. It’s weird. Today’s been like slow then fast then slow. And then, you know, I actually prefer these like working past 10pm. There’s no traffic, there’s no people. You don’t have to wait long at restaurants. It’s just beautiful! Today has had it’s ups and downs. It started off – by the way, I might have mince pie crusts, mince pie crumbs around my mouth – start off this morning Started off this morning: dead. And I was thinking maybe this challenge is not even gonna work out. Then it just went crazy. Midday to 6pm it was just non-stop. I was loving it! My spirits were high. My legs were feeling great. Hit 6pm and suddenly it was just nothing for like almost an hour. It’s meant to be the busiest time. Maybe it’s because loads of other people go online. So the jobs get spread out more. But anyway, now we’re in central London. It’s almost 11pm. I haven’t made as much money as I wanted to today. This might be the smallest day so far. Depends what happens. Anything can happen in these last few hours. But I might do what I call the ‘Uber Gauntlet’. Which is, I’ll stay signed-in until I get home. So, you know, if I get it delivery that goes back away from home. I have to go do it. And we just try and keep getting closer and closer to home. And if we get home then we sign-off. This challenge, guys. It’s happening. I’m keeping it up. I’m keeping the momentum. We can do this! We can do this! Heya! I’ve got a delivery for… Cheers, man. Thank you. It’s gone midnight and the Ubers are coming back-to-back. I keep getting an Uber request before I’ve even dropped off the Uber I’m on. So we’re gonna keep this up. It’s about making £1000 before the end of the week. So if the deliveries are coming in you better believe I am gonna do the deliveries! Just checking the number real quick because it is the middle of the night. Look, another Uber! It was that time of night, where everything seems closed, everyone’s asleep and I’m just out there doing mini missions and making money. I was sent south across the river for the first time during the challenge. It was strange because I was thinking when, or if, I was going to end up in South London. Destiny. A creepy, thick mist had formed. This made it feel pretty damn cold and created spooky vibes to complement my tiredness. Then things actually did get scary… Pizza! Thank you so much. Have a good night! See ya! So, I’m on the way home now. I’ve signed out. It was getting a bit late. It was getting a bit crazy. The pizzas kind of scared me a little bit and yeah, it’s getting a bit cold. That is some very nice, cool, sparkly frost. That is frost. Yep! I am wearing shorts. It’s all in the head. But I’m starting to think maybe I don’t have much in the head. Let’s get home. I’m hungry. We’ve done over 100 miles again today. We’ve made the most money today. I just picked up my 100th Stuart order for the week. I’m on 100 Stuart orders for the week. I just checked. I’m on 75 Uber orders for the week. Yeah, we’ve basically going non-stop for the last 10 hours.

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  1. If you guys are feeling WILD… my Stuart referral code is '38889'. We both get £50 each if you do 30 deliveries within 30 days of starting. 👀http://stuart.com/become-courier

  2. So much respect for those who rides as uber food delivery earn some clean cash, better than jobless asking for parents money every weekends getting drunk

  3. Can anyone help me? I’m trying to find the link for UberEATS bicycle in central London. I can only find motorcycles and cars. I’ve signed up to Uber app and I can see motorbikes, cars and bicycles, but when I go to the next stage I can only see Uber drivers for cars only?

  4. Cool video, I've signed up to be an UberEats rider on my bike for some extra money at Uni, all my documents were accepted and approved. However, when I enter my phone number to get the driver app, the text never comes through. I've just manually downloaded the driver app on my phone, logged in and all my documents show as approved on there too, yet I can't start a shift. I was wondering how it all works, is there a wait on it? Do I HAVE to have downloaded it through the text link?

  5. I'm currently onboarding with Deliveroo and Uber eats in Sheffield. Should I sign up with Stuart and Just Eat too?

  6. Wow. In L.A., you can make $200 in 10- 12 hrs on a bike. $250 – 300 a day on weekends. It's not easy. I havent done it but I know a few cyclists that have done it. I've made $140 in 8 hrs on a friday doing UE and postmates

  7. Hi guys. Just read an article that cycling 40 to 60km a day, or for hours each day can cause erectyle disfunction. How true is it, or backed by science. Read some stories in Quora, but would be nice to hear your opinion cos I've been cycling like 30 to 50km a day recently doing Uber Eats…

  8. I live in east london too, really want to get into the single speed bikes. can you recommend some good shops to visit? cheers.

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  10. I love this!!! Nothing in life comes easy. If it’s easy I don’t want it. I’m doing 1K a week challenge on Uber eats until April✌🏼

  11. hope you are well! it's gonna be 2 months and i can't see part 2! 🙂 hope just that you are busy with deliveries 🙂

  12. Bro, you doing alright. Haven't heard from you in a minute. We all are still rooting for you. Because of you I did my first shift last night.

  13. sweet adrenaline💙 I miss that rush . £1000 and that many hours online, that's remarkable. thanks for giving me inspiration to start riding again. 2 years ago I had also something a little bit like this, in Amsterdam. Deliveroo tried if they could be open till 2 o clock in the night. ( from 8 : 30 in the morning till 2 in the night, before it was till 10: 30 in the evening ) so you could work 17.5 hours non stop. and I really wanted to do that challenge, then 17.5 hours non stop was like the max you could do. . . I had still a contract with Deliveroo. so it was not easy to get all 17.5 hours, had to pay someone for his shift. but I got all 17.5, and did it without going ofline, it was a lot of fun, it was hard to stay focused, 24 hours wow that's amazing, nice challenge .. 🙂 I cycled 200km that day, with 45KM ride home, because was too late for the train, had to cycle to Utrecht. was nice. don't think oh that's too much for me, I can't do that. thruth is you can probably do a lot more. if not the first then the next time. it makes things a lot easier, after a while is my experience. it's the same when it's freezing and people where a thick wintercoat, but still feel cold, because they move less, wearing thick clothing like that. or try to keep your body active , with fast breaths, and you will feel warmer actually, and with a ton of energy. that's something I noticed a lot, when I did Delivery. way too long reply, and a bit irrelevant, but nice video 🙂

  14. This could be a nice addition to a "normal" half time job. So you get you insurance an stuff with you normal job. And when you have free time, you just have a nice ride and deliver food 😁

  15. Do all the comments asking about part 2 motivate you at all to edit and upload it? It's been almost two months now. Maybe you should say 'to be continued' instead of "part 2 coming soon…"

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    16:44 that made me loool

  17. These videos are so deceiving. Even if you want to kill yourself on a bike of exhaustion or killed by a car at night you will not make a 1000£/ week for the simple reason you will not get enough orders. I deliver using a car as my extra work but I would not do this for a living. Most of the time you will be better off working for 8£ an hour rather than doing this.Way too many drivers/riders with too many apps these days!

  18. Hello there mate! I have a question, is it possible to work in uber/stuart while im working on another place?For example Monday-friday on my regular job,Saturday sunday delivering? Does it matter how long i have to work?Or everything depends on me? Thanks

  19. 666 comments on 5 March 2020 at 22:58, GMT – 5. You deliver in the area of James Bowen who wrote "A Street Cat named Bob!" This looks like LOADS of fun! How do you keep your battery devices working at Zero C? Mine all drop to zero power in a couple hours (I bike/deliver, too). Do you know if a non-UK, non-EU bicycle courier can work in London? Thanks!

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