100 Treadwear Tire Shootout & Review – Which is BEST?

100 Treadwear Tire Shootout & Review – Which is BEST?

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  1. Since the Nankangs are on all 4 corners of The Z4Minator my laps @ The Ring are just a blast! For me it's the holy grail of track tires … (and I've run a bunch) Cheers

  2. Thanks for that great review. Looking forward to the 200 Treadwear one as well.

    Quick question regarding Nankang in the States. Was able to score a set of 265/35-18s NS-2Rs on Amazon last year. Now they're no longer available… AR-1s are not available at all, sadly, but i would like to try them next. You guys have a source for these?
    For 110 bucks a tire, the NS-2Rs are really damn good value for money as a beginner like myself.

    Keep it up!

  3. Is it me or does the Nankang look noticeably wider than the other 2? A tape measurer on all 3 mounted on rim would be informative.

  4. That Nakang tire looks so much wider vs the other 2 brands in a 265, did you guys measure the actual contact patch widths of each manufacture?

  5. Really wish you guys threw a set or RE71r's. Ive been told those are light years better than the 888r's. Would really like to see how they hold against this group.

    They're so quick my local challenge series bans them by name in the points placement because they out perform everything else on track.

  6. Far to aggressive and the car was all over the place. Better test would have been with someone much smoother

  7. What so u guys do or have for oil starvation on this car? Or is this something u dont really have to worry for some reason on this car?!

  8. Did you guys swap back to the Toyo and Maxis for another few laps or what we saw was what you guys ran?

    Seems like you got faster as you have done more laps and the Nankang was the last to be run in the video. Perhaps going back to the Toyo and Maxis may turn different lap times. 👍

  9. Are you able to measure the exact width of each tyre? And the temperatures you recorded with the probe? Would be much appreciated!

  10. Great test, I’ve also done a test with the AR1’s and found them the best, I now use these on a few cars and one two championships on them too ❤️👌😎👍 great vid lads!

  11. great job! i'm another one who has run Nitto NT-01s for the last decade. it's good to see some new names in the game.

  12. Good test. Thank you.
    Something to consider…
    The tire may not have been the only thing contributing to faster laps. If you did progress through the tires in that order (Toyo first, Nankang last), you may have been benefiting from the previous laps of practice. The Toyo may have had better relative performance, had it been tested last.
    Doing science!

  13. It'd be too cool if a normal person could pick 3 tires of their choice to give real test drives on their own car before spending the cash. I'd spend a couple hundred dollars extra for the experience. Great video. I'd be interested in a street tire comparison in the same format. Well done.

  14. Since last year i kept hearing AR-1s, even some track car rentals at the Ring in Germany are switching to them. They all reported nothing but good reviews in dry and wet, they are going on my E30 soon.

  15. I agree with this review. I´ve run R888 for a few years and they always overheat and understeer quite fast. The AR-1 is better in my experience.

  16. Beautiful episode guys. Love seeing you on track, and with good information along the way!
    Stupid question: why haven't you replaced the steering wheel with a more racey one, given this is a full on racecar?

  17. when people shit on nankangs i laugh. maybe 10 years ago this was acceptable.. but not anymore. Nankang is no joke.

  18. Mhmm when the 200 tw happens i'd like to see how my Kumho V720s stackup against the others. I've found them quite good and crazy good in the wet. Which i though was weird for a semi slick

  19. Did the track temp rise as they day went on? Could have skewed results by a couple of tenths easily (warmer track usually faster unless tires overheat)

  20. Where all the tires run at the same pressures or just recommended pressures and where they all the same size tire?

  21. The nankang is definetely running wider than the other tires. However tire size options are limited… if I wanted something for my corvette it's limited… 275/35/18 and 285/35/19 is what I run and I can't get that for this tire… and if I go wider in the rear… nothing in 3xx

  22. How can you run a test like this with different wheels? Are all 3 weighted and balanced exactly the same? I doubt it but who knows.

  23. U need a other cars , my first cars was a firebird 1987 and was faster then this pile of junk .
    Good frame but the fucking engine bay is to close to fit a LS so its a fail .

  24. I wish they made the AR-1 in some larger section width sizes (i.e, 305, 315, 325) for a 19 in. Rim. I was excited to try them until I saw the lack of size choices.

  25. I can't speak for the other 2 tires but another big advantage for the Maxxis RC-1 is tire life and heat tolerance. I have not found a better track day tire for the Texas heat.

  26. Very interesting. I'd love to see comparison to the tires are used the most in the heavy car world (i. E. Mustang)
    Nitto NT01. GY F1 3R. SPORT CUP2. YOKO A052.

  27. Would like to see the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 compared to similar tires. I just bought the Firestone's to mount on my new Rota slips for my SRT4 track car. I'm still building the car so haven't had the opportunity to see how they perform.

  28. So many of you are commenting on the different widths of tires. Please READ our story on the site to see the actual widths: http://speed.academy/100-tread-wear-track-tire-review-nankang-ar1-maxxis-rc1-toyo-r888r/ Trying to say one tire is wider than another without actually seeing them is what we like to call keyboard racing and no one like a keyboard racer!

  29. Enjoyed watching the in car drive more than learning about the tires. Some impressive control you put down!

  30. Really good data, thank you.
    Would have been good to see the Federal RSRR and Yokohama A050 in there to compare them to a really cheap and really expensive semi.
    I run the AR1 and I drive like DP and throw the car in hard. They are quite popular in Australia.
    Good news is they get better when they are half shagged and last forever.
    I'm 50 laps in on mine and they are half tread. That's on a 180hp FWD

  31. How is the AR1 compare to A052? Which one is better? I know it is difference treadwear rating tires.

  32. That FR-S sounds like the first 240sx you get in NFS Pro Street lmao, great review but the car sounds horrible

  33. Great review, I know I really appreciate videos like this. It would be awesome if you did more reviews like this at different tire threads.

  34. Treadwear is nothing, 888r is a very slow tire and nankang ar1 compound is very hard, it's OK because the manufacturers make this tyres for enthusiasts and amateurs, they can't make a soft tire, a real soft tires in a front wheel drive car with a wrong driver that only goes for understeer, probably the front tires can take only 5 laps, … You should try re71r tw200 and Zestino Gredge 07rs tw140, you will have a big surprise! If you want laptimes these are the tires! Much softer compounds and so much more more grip 😊

  35. Really like to know the camber and toe settings you have setup. Seems like front end push on all three tires so wondering if you're -3 or higher up front?  Personal preference for me is -3.5 F -2.25 R and rear toe at 0 running R7's

  36. Interesting video..between there's a new champ out there..the ADVAN A052..the best semi slick which overall better than the P Zero Trofeo R itself!

  37. This is a great data point and thank you for bringing this comparison to light. Your hand work did a lot of talking as well.

    My only questions is in your experience, how do you think this data will differ in a heavier car? TIA

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