10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!

10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!

*One* This is me aiming at it, ok *laughs* *No way!* *laughs* Whats going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to 10 tech products that will waste your money. Bryan is just ha you were like right to the side of me He’s like I was like what the heck, I was like trying to focus on what I was trying to say. Guys, Bryan went online and he found 10 of the weirdest things he could find and we’re going to let you know today weather they are wasteful or tasteful Guys make sure click the bell icon next to my channel name on desktop and on mobile to get notified when I upload videos Because I comment back Yes I do Even though it doesn’t look like it because Youtube buries my comments I comment back, can’t comment to everyone but I try my best for the first 30 minutes. See you there 🙂 USB Powered Coffee Tea Beverage Cup Mug Warmer Heater Blue Interesting So what does this claim to do. What? Is there a hole in the bottom of it? Wait Is that the top of it? *Sneezes* Ships from China Wearhouse 2.68, out of stock. I think we got it already though So many people are often so confused about like were I’m like lets buy it and then they are like how does it show up on the same day, we buy it before hand guys We just pretend, its all a mystery… Actually I just gave it away Oh well Easy Installation, easy operation, environmentally friendly, keep you coffee, tea, and other beverage warm. “Nice Item, good service” “well made and very handy” Oh, *random words* I don’t know how to say that, sorry “A+++” I got to get this guys! Lets get it. WOW Reliably hot, temperature highest. Wow, USB Warm Cup Heres it I don’t know how to get that out There we go Then I just plug that in like that Boom Then I plug it into the USB Theres no indication Ah! I’m just kidding! It’s not hot Bryan was like *gasp* It’s warming up slightly Go, do it daddyo Lets see if this warms it Ok, so I let this sit for I don’t know 10 minutes or something like that, and If you can look in there it looks there are bubbles in there, I don’t know if that is boiling. I’m like afraid *put your finger in it* You put your finger in it! *You are really afraid of a little USB cup warmer* What if… Theres bubbles in there! *Doesn’t mean it’s boiling* Its warm. *Is it warm?* Yeah! it’s defiantly warm. it’s not like even as hot as how I drink my coffee but yeah it definitely would keep you coffee warm. That is true Tasteful 🙂 Not bad, not bad. Prank Pack, Hot Lips This is a gift box no actual product inside I am disappointed because I really wanted to try this out. If you ever go out and you are in like a cold climate or something like that You can, your face gets colds, it gets numb, you know. This is a perfect solution for that You can see they just added it on That is fantastic, oh it rests on his nose Be aware of your surroundings with the optical side mirror. Thats cool dude. They really should make this dude, I would try it Keep a summer glow all year round with our bronzing lotion What!? They just literally made her face just lower exposed. “Don’t shower with unit on! totally looks legitimate. Great fake instructions and all kinds of funny high quality photos.” Thats funny “Beware! Wrong box size in description!” Wasteful D: Nope. I’m going to pass because it’s fake. Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark Up to 40 range infra Pride so happy I’m so excited the 40 range in front oh look up to 40 range infa read control as the second bullet point that they’re a little haphazard on that enter but we need five Lord required me Liam to float three of helium who’s got helium in their house we idea how did they come down the remote control or a bow and arrow shooting down from this guide perfect sharknado a defective shark equals frustrating Christmas critters Roland can get the full and sharp organ there’s a video oh just so happy you like oh man just puts a smile on a stranger’s face I’m sold let’s add to cart who is relatively small box remote-control flying shark whoa what the heck is no joke dude when the world is our leader fans ok wow that’s a big fan look how big this is that’s gonna be a big sharp dude oh Michael hi serious isn’t any luck man here’s the remote control super primitive the government of this is let’s test it out alright so we’re going to be testing out with giant shark with special guests tonight have an affair but he recanted her today that’s all I can either keep looking at it today we’re going to release that is beautiful shark into the wild go go into the wild where my friends threw away oh very good life I’ve tried ah well we’re going to call animal control pilot automotive PR 039 french fry holder I’m glad the name that PR 0 392 otherwise I’d have been like wait is this a 0 38 or 40 39 that we called all they they recalled the 38 yeah it’s designed to hold french fries in your beverage cup holder in your car hold standard french-fried card ok here’s the issue with this you most likely if you’re so in love with french fries to the point where you meet this product you’re most likely buying a much bigger size french fry than what this will hold that not even same you’re fat I’m just saying you like french fries this much you’re gonna have a lot of them on hand keeps price secure that’s good do you ever take those terms really hard in the drive-thru man you like now by surprise doesn’t work for me a large fry container doesn’t fit and it needs that better build told you functional but only holds medium not large we do it i mean i’m telling you right now you know you called and I told that would do you like at i’m at the pass on this one just in the past toysmith magnetic levitator who i think i had one of these as a kid it just kind of spins in place and you’re just like look its magic and then anyone over like five years old is like knowledge of magnet you idiot the magnetic levitator teaches young scientists about the effects of magnetism for a striking visual display the levitator spend easily if the slightest touch demonstrating the antigravity effects whoa great idea of poor quality of bummer unbalanced cylinder ruined good concept gotta hate those cylinders on my right let’s buy it adhikar let’s see if it’s impressive giving it floats in space though with all right maybe I put it this way to do that we’re going to the vario that after now what you do is you spin it spin spinning where my gentle spinning when you need them you know I mean look at that guy dude try your best i can spin it Oh are going to go fast their dogs I gotta go fast there you see ok ok all right you added had it but lost this barely stand keep spinning it’ll stop eventually he’ll stop eventually not if you believe enough i think it’s tasteful almost got it Frank pack earwax candle kit over do I feel like vomiting looking at that gift box appears to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies it was fake ear wax extraction cap included they really go all out just to sell a box Emma D’s ear wax create candles as unique as yourself look right here what the heck man this is like an actual model for the product i bet this guy i bet this is the guy that owns the company because who also get a model for this does it smell good or is it just a joke still still like I want to collect my earwax can this remove my earwax it cannot it’s not an actual product intended as a gag / prank gift box I mean most of the people i assume get it everyone’s like two funny too funny that’s good at 20 stop literally it’s just a damn box of those was actually a damn gift alright show on your profanity okay dude someone’s like grandpa really needs to remove his ear wax dude it’s too much I can’t let any more they give them that and they get the thing that just like are no died too much earwax I needed a purpose for I can’t just keep throwing my ear wife still the sink that’s right lucky and RC infrared remote control realistic spider toy to channel brown legs which can move respectably allow the spider to Chrome noiselessly on any smooth surface your friends family members or even yourself oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m trying to me oh my god stop who’s driving into me all yet me I kinda scares out so creepy so cool looks good until you begin to play with it while in that used amputated its own legs haha don’t buy terrible two legs off in the first hour it was a Christmas gift and beneath I gave it to was pretty disappointed when you give someone a christmas gift and you think it’s gonna be dope and it’s just trash and so they’re like I’m glad you spent so much time and thoughtfulness and money on Me lads check it out let’s read Oh infrared remote control spider function for backwards with light oh ok oh that it’s like actually shedding like a real spider here’s the definitely awkward remote control are you scared even yourself I’m scaring even myself right now man okay here we go oh you can only go forwards and backwards but when you go backwards it turns so that’s how you feared if I wanted to go this direction right now I have to do this now I’m gonna go get scared somebody I think so let’s see if anyone’s getting some spiders in the opposite of a bright so we hit the spider underneath Connors desk when Connor comes back and is when where I’m going to trigger the thing okay can I can tell to give me a minute calling colouring here right now on official business of course oh I just had a quick question yet about so as far as the 20 year old growth there it’ll be scared of accoutrements bacon air freshener oh here’s the issue with people and bacon people love bacon so much they try to try to emulate the smell and the taste and you just can’t do it if you try to emulate the smell it just ends up smelling like like burnt seasonings or something like that real bacon or nothing ok take that great bacon smell everywhere you go for install air freshener who cares was how big it is someone by ali wanted it’s going to be forges or above ok comes with strings for hanging dude threw in the string Wow like that’s your product an air freshener that’s like saying we’re selling you a new car tires included this does not smell like bacon doesn’t even smell like bacon distant cousin twice removed I told you it smells fairly terrible and vaguely like bacon gone bad I’m gonna pass that the hard path wait what this is tech i’m trippin out or do we put down the wrong list this was supposed to be an Amazon item and browns like tech intact bank and peace maybe the text is how they get it to smell like bacon we got the strength the strength that text no it’s not Brian it’s not tech Brian portal 2 century turret motion-activated desk defender with 11 speaking function all I actually wish i could buy this because that looks cool target acquired speaks over 10 different phrases what’s the purpose of it though when the turret tax motion nearby it says target acquired there you are i see you that’s kind of cool so maybe like put it like near death someone’s walking by it’s like I see you hey yeah hey hey malfunctioning when the turret is ignored times out after 30 seconds are you still there although every time you come to your desk that gets so annoying dude gets so annoying can you adjust the volume unfortunately no it looks cool but it’s just so impractical you know I mean they may be added i don’t see I don’t see how this could get annoying really fast rifle rifle target alarm clock with gun infrared laser and realistic sound effects white everyone’s like well it’s so good to be white these days let’s just added on the title you know they want a white gonna hear the white gun alarm clock gun said this comes with an infrared gun and which recoil action and sound recoil action come on it’s this big recoil action is going to kick back on me set alarm sleep alarm rings shoot it gamemode get ready to shoot it’s like immediately right when you wake up you’re ready to play games on about you but I’m like just dropped alarm stops once you hit the center of the target with blazer the center great idea bad execution the diet the idea of the alarm clock is awesome the execution however is not terrible gimmick this thing is hard to program an annoying as hell i would rather wipe my butt with the money used to purchase it a lot of people think you’ll get real sugar about this item so that means we’re gonna have to add it to the cart and see if it’s actually wasteful ass Oh clear this wow the gun is heavy the Gunners both it has got light recoil that’s not really for recalls when it like its back this is just a sliding action the action actually moved ok that’s actually fun click fun but in the morning can you listen to this noise we get to have some major instructions here yeah it’s it’s actually on already so you know what ok we’re going we’re going to visit me at it ok wow haha wut wut more or haha this is actually cool doing that just was like a little process other than that weights will completely wasteful the issue is infrared right it’s not a laser infrared so if it all sees any sort of ended asian of inference of an infrared signal it will trigger it and infrared if you don’t know bounces off of everything guys make sure you check out this video right there that is when i was trying some 10 strange weird walmart items that Brian found at walmart i found these like little finger things they really like little weird things I don’t I didn’t like him at all so click up there to subscribe because we make videos every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday thanks for watching high five

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  1. You KNOW I love a YouTube channel when I watch ANYTHING about a SPIDER!!🙈🙈 Although I left my phone at arms length for that part. 😂😂😂 Extreme phobia!

  2. Omg, I'm dieing i showed my mom the French fry holder and she immediately bought this for my fast food obsessed sister. Will update when she gets it lmoa.

  3. Is it weird that I did it realize that the bacon air freshener didn’t match the video list I’m just like oh yea bacon air freshener that’s stupid next.

  4. 1:43 it’s “good” in Russian, I live in Russia, so I know)) It’s so funny seeing people don’t understand the language that I’ve been speaking all my life;) ❤️

  5. The turret is from the game Portal 2….it's not really supposed to "do" anything other than mimic the voice from the game. It's really closer to an action figure than "tech".

  6. I want the gun/ target alarm glock, but knowing me half asleep I’ll be in such a rush to turn it off I’ll end up accidentally shooting it with a real gun

  7. I would get the gun alarm clock. You can just get up and shoot any place or even aim at a poster or pictures if your enemies. lol

  8. i have a fake spider and its called a "Yellies" and it goes faster the louder you yell at it! its super fun you should try it!

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