10 Strangest INCREDIBLE Tire Designs

10 Strangest INCREDIBLE Tire Designs

welcome to TTI, we humans are doing
progress our progress depends on only one thing the wheels, those wheels
came so far from ancient design to the most advanced wheels. In this video we
are counting down some incredible wheel designs that you have to see to believe
so sit back relax and enjoy my friends number 10 water serving tyre this is 3d
printed RC tires for jlb cheetah designed by my friend Simon Sorenson’s a
great scientist and CEO of our sea life on channel on YouTube the tire has more
air inside and works on high rpm to keep it floating on the water surface number
nine Goodyear edge 360 be ready to meet the
spherical design tire from the company Goodyear one of the largest tire
manufacturers the Goodyear edge 360 was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show
with Bionic skin texture this crazy tire attracts our curiosity because it has
two sophisticated sensors the first sensor detects the roads conditions
while the second sensor detects wear and pressure fluctuations of the tire it’s a
multi orientation tire that can move in all directions provide smooth ride by
creating a fluid lateral movement with excellent maneuverability one thing is
pretty sure that this under development project will make public parking a lot
easier smoother and more comfortable number 8 michelin Tweel when your tire
gets punctured then your happiness converts to sadness then Michelin X
Tweel SSL comes into your life just spider-man to save you so don’t worry
this type provides you greater stability and enables a skid steer to work faster
with more comfort for the operator it significantly reduces tiredness and
increases productivity due to strong wear life airless tire
thanks to these fantastic wheels now taking the instant 45-degree turn is
easy surprisingly these wheels can slide vehicle when the operator runs fronts
and backs tires and opposite rotation that’s why these tires are incredible number seven NASA tire some humans are
crazy enough to dream to drive a Tesla on Mars but riding on Mars is not an
easy task that’s the reason NASA has reinvented the wheel design a new type
of tire for its space Rovers in hopes that it can survive the punishing
terrain on Mars and other rocky planets the spring tire is made from a several
hundred coiled wires of steel that provides strength and nickel titanium
memory alloy which returns to its original shape this lightweight casing
is durable enough to survive in incredibly challenging environments by
absorbing forces and then bouncing back number six sliding wheels sliding wheels are those
tires that not only move forward and backwards but it can slide in any
direction omni crawler is another example of sliding wheels which is
developed by researchers from osaka university japan it’s an innovative
battery-powered remote-controlled prototype crawler that incorporates
properties from an omnidirectional wheel known as the Omni ball by rotating the
axle dynamically using a motor we can effectively combine the direction of the
driving force and the direction in which the structure moves as a caster when the
need to move super heavy objects arises short squat crawlers are usually
deployed to get the job done but at slow speeds
lyddiard wheels are another example of sliding wheels the
wheels are miraculously amazing because it helps the car to roll in any
direction and spin 360 degrees these omnidirectional wheels are really
helpful to make parallel parking a whole lot easier in the future these wheels
are designed by Canadian inventor William liddiared not only these wheels
provide unusual movements but also it can perform nifty dance moves number
five unusual cycle wheels the first example of the unusual cycle wheels is
the keno mo wheel developed for video advertisements on the roads day or night
this battery-powered wheel works in all weather conditions if you have some old
shoes in your home then be ready to meet this shoe shoe bike this insane i
catching bicycle tire was designed by German tire manufacturer continental the
tire is made up of several sets of running shoes and recently unveiled at
the prudential ride london event loop wheel is another example of unusual
cycle wheel loop wheel provides you smoother and more comfortable ride
without any vibration the shock absorbing technology works in every
direction to make your journey smoother now luxury features coming in cycles
with this wheel number forms transforming wheel the first example of
transforming wheel is the elephant stone easy loader this is the world’s biggest
road train its compact trailer can slide so that it easily can transform into a
longer vehicle which has the capacity load of 8 tons another transforming
wheel is hum Rider an innovative Jeep design it can elevate itself above the
traffic a communication company Verizon developed these transforming wheels and
it is cloud connected car technology the hum rider is an SUV fitted with custom
hydraulics elevating it five feet in the air so say bye-bye to the traffic number
three snow wheels may be making scooters with ice wheel is so easy but this time
Japanese car maker Lexus has crossed the limits ice wheel is a fairy tale but
sometimes marketing ideas should probably stay as ideas take for instance
this Lexus with wheels made of ice insanely it is made from optically
perfect crystal clear ice the tires don’t just hold the car up though it is
also able to drive on them the car itself was deep frozen stored for five
days at below minus 30 degrees Celsius before being driven off down a London
Road snow wolf is another snow wheel but it is used to remove snow faster safer
and easier than before snow wolf is the world’s safest shovel and the result of
an independent study by the University of Massachusetts it’s focused on lower
back pain and increased productivity this know removing process is now much
easier and quite compelling number two track 1 track 1 is a unique
three-wheeled electric skateboard thanks to its powerful caterpillar chain wheel
design now this insane electric skateboard can run on any surface like
snow sand muddy ground and it can easily climb on the hills this skateboard can
accelerate up to 32 km/h number one mono wheels these are single wheeled vehicles
with innovative tire designs the first example of mono wheels is hand kook’s
flex up the flex up makes it possible to move freely even when the stairs are
encountered it can easily modify it to climb the stairs it’s futuristic single
user mobility that can freely turn the corner on the flat ground by using the
tilting principle when skiing the flex up wheel can absorb shocks and able to
run on uneven terrain it connects to the connected world this conceptual wheel
predicts the future of mobility in megacities this under development
project wheel will be available to run at the speed of 35 miles per hour
Honda u3x is another example of mono wheel design it’s a unique fusion
between rider and vehicle with the excellent bouncing technology from the
ASIMO humanoid robot any change in the incline of the u3x caused by a rider’s
weight shift is analyzed to determine the rider’s intention in terms of
direction and speed the Honda Omni traction drive system is the world’s
first wheel structure that enables movement in all directions the wheel
consists of a ring of small rubber wheels when the large wheel rotates the
u3x moves forward or backwards when the small wheels rotate the machine moves
left or right its maximum speed is 6 km/h
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  1. i like the Goodyear edge 360 b cause it not only can use 4 cars but also can b used 4 all types of unibikes or other vehicles and can b used for all types roads .

  2. i dont think the RC paddle tyres are NEW or invented by that young lad, he may have 3d printed them for his own rc truggy but Pro-Line Sling Shot, Pro-Line Sand Paw and Traxxas X-Maxx Paddle Tyres would do the same thing……there is a vid clip on here going back 6 years ago doin the same thing.

  3. We sit on the back of wheels
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    A turbine
    There needs to be a … revolution pardon the pun

  4. Yeah I know a lot of people who have been maimed by shoveling snow. Im so happy we now have a safe shovel! I dont have to worry about losing my arm everytime i help my grandma and get the snow out of her driveway!

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  8. Why do you LIE..
    That young boy at the begening of the video DIDNT INVENTED those PADDLE TYRES.. what the fuck ur talking about
    And you say its yiur friend..lol
    Im sure thats an other Bullshit story

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