10 STRANGE Things Discovered Inside People

10 STRANGE Things Discovered Inside People

We all like to think that we know our bodies pretty well although sometimes they can turn against us such as when we get appendicitis Or tonsillitis we generally know what they’re capable of however horrifyingly enough It’s not completely unheard of to discover something strange lurking inside your body It’ll make you think twice the next time you have what appears to be an innocent stomachache We haven’t heard of one being found inside of a human body yet But be careful pressing the subscribe button just in case don’t forget to turn on notifications as well It’s not a tumor When it comes to medical maladies having a brain tumor is usually as bad as it gets So you can imagine the distress and panic that rosemary Alvarez felt when her doctors told her that they had spotted a foreign growth at the base of her brainstem She had gone to the hospital in Phoenix Arizona due to experiencing balance problems difficulty swallowing and numbness her condition was rapidly Deteriorating, and she was rushed to surgery to remove the tumor neurosurgeon Peter naka she performed the Operation and was pleased by what he found inside her brain which is a rare occurrence in his line of work The good news is that it wasn’t actually a tumor the bad news is that it was a tapeworm Yes While we think of tapeworms as beans that hide out in our intestines this one took a wrong turn and ended up in Alvarez’s brain it’s likely that she acquired it by ingesting Tapeworm eggs when she ate tainted food you see when you eat tapeworm larva and goes right to your intestines But the eggs can make it into your bloodstream and get lodged in different parts of your body including your brain That is now a fun tapeworm fact that you know surgical tools Recovering from surgery is never fun But 76 year old daryoush mazarei seemed to be having a more difficult time than most After having a shunt install the drain fluid from his brain at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He complained about feeling excruciating pain Horrifyingly enough his doctors ignored his cries of pain and assured him that it was all in his head for an entire month He claimed that he felt as if he was these stabbed from the inside and instead of offering to take a look doctors Recommended that he get his head checked for an entire month He suffered until he was finally given a CT scan his Persistence paid off because doctors were horrified to see a 10 inch metal device that was left inside his abdominal Area during his surgery. it’s known as a retractor And it looks like a giant pair of tweezers there used to hold back organs and skin during surgery And they look like the sort of huge instrument it would be awfully difficult to lose track of because the hospital wasn’t interested in this going to court they settled with Missouri for an undisclosed sum pregnant man When we put on some excess weight sometimes it’s easy to come up with excuses it’s just water weight It’s because of hormones and so on however sun-joo begod is a man who had a legitimate excuse for his swollen stomach During his childhood in Nagpur India He was often mocked for his stomach which was distended in such a way that he appeared to be pregnant the twist to this story is that in a way it kind of was like Bhagat was actually pregnant after Years of suffering it finally became too great And he went to the hospital complaining of severe pain and difficulty breathing Doctors thought that a tumor must be pressing on his diaphragm and decided to operate what they found Inside Bhagat stomach wasn’t a tumor but was instead a half-formed human being with well-developed Hands and feet of course, bhagat didn’t actually conceive a child and this mass of flesh and bones was actually his twin, brother It’s an extremely rare medical condition known as fetus in fetu meaning that a fetus gets trapped inside its twin There are fewer than 90 known cases of this occurrence as for bhagat He’s just relieved his ordeal is over and declined to even look at his twin when he was removed eating utensil We’ve all heard our parents. Tell us not to inhale our food, but they usually don’t mention the risk of inhaling an eating utensil John Manley began experiencing unpleasant symptoms including fatigue coughing and several bouts with pneumonia after two years of this doctors at Duke University Decided to use a small camera to look into his lung and see if there was anything unusual going on in there well Unusual is a good way to describe what doctors found in Manly lung They managed to locate a one-inch long piece of plastic with a freighting on it once It was removed they examined it and realized that it was a plastic Utensil from a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant needless to say everyone was pretty baffled by the discovery Including Manley himself he admits that he likes to take big gulps when he eats and drinks and assumes That’s how the plastic piece got into his lungs according to Manley he didn’t notice it at all when he Swallowed it which kind of makes us strangely intrigued to see what he looks like when he eats Perhaps even more unsettling than the plastic piece is the fact that one doctor offered to just remove his lung Before they knew what was the matter? magnets If you thought that only Juggalos were confused as to how magnets work You should know that some children struggle with the concept else though It’s okay Jason lens was also completely baffled when its daughter Healy needed emergency surgery After swallowing magnet he claimed his then eight-year-old daughter is a smart child And he doesn’t understand why she thought that eating magnets was a good idea oh And the part that makes us even more shocking is that she didn’t just stop after one or two oh? No little haley managed to swallow 30 magnets that she claimed looked like candy We’re not sure what type of candy hailey is used to eating but no thank you The magnets were from a toy called magnetics that is manufactured with mega brands two days after her magnets swallowing spree her parents rushed her to the hospital when she Experienced stomach pains so server fears she could barely move Mekka brands defended their product claiming that eating thirty pieces of any toy would likely result in medical issues Which is a pretty fair point to be honest? Let’s take a little break from this gross fest because it’s time for our trivia question Healthcare safety group that joint commission conducted a study between 2005 and 2012 looking at how many Surgical instruments are left behind after surgery in that time span how many surgical objects were left inside of? patients keep watching for the answer cutlery While we may be baffled by the little girl who ate 30 magnets the case of Margaret Dallman from rotterdam holland is even stranger Inhaling part of a wendy’s utensil in an eating frenzy is one thing but Domon managed to consume a shocking 78 pieces of cutlery she admits that she had a problem with feeling compelled to eat silverware And she just couldn’t stop herself when she would sit down for a meal She would ignore the food and start swallowing her utensils instead Doctors got quite the surprise when they examined her x-ray after she complained of stomach pains each spoon and fork had to be painstakingly Taken out by a skilled surgeon Thankfully Dallman didn’t swallow any knives although She couldn’t explain why she didn’t have the urge to looking at her x-ray the massive cutlery sort of resembles a ghost or a Badminton birdie after they were removed almond was diagnosed with borderline personality Disorder and has made a full recovery physically and is making progress in therapy I Had parasite if you wear contact lenses you might want to reconsider Switching to glasses after this after all that can be quite fashionable And they reduce your risk of ending up with a parasite inside your eye When she was a teen jessica grainy woke up one morning And thought she had somehow contracted an eye infection her left eye was swollen and sore and her eyelid kept trooping by the end of the week her symptoms had gotten way worse and Her I was now red and bulging out of its socket granny described It as looking like a huge red golf ball, and we can’t disagree with her She was taken to the hospital where doctors found a parasite living in her eyeball the parasite is known as a camp amoeba castellana, and it’s known for surviving harsh environments It’s thought that the parasite was in some tap water that got splashed onto her contact lens with then passed into her. Eye The parasite got to work eating away at her cornea, which meant the doctors had to stop it immediately For an entire week grainy wasn’t allowed to sleep and instead had to administer eyedrops every few minutes It was absolute torture However the fact that a parasite was feasting on her eyeball probably would have made sleeping a challenge anyways Thankfully she’s now fine and hopes to make other people aware of the dangers associated with contact lenses maggots Kids are notorious for not listening especially when their parents try to stop them from eating delicious maggots However little rowdy command lloyd from central india had a pretty good excuse She complained to her parents of an itch in her ear Which her parents initially weren’t overly concerned about when their daughter began bawling non-stop because of her discomfort They finally relented and took her to the hospital inside her ear doctors found a blowfly Also known as a green bottle or custard fly, and if that wasn’t horrifying enough It wasn’t alone it had laid eggs inside of her ear and was accompanied by approximately 80 maggots If there was any silver lining to this horrific story It’s that the doctors managed to treat her before the maggots could begin eating away at her brain Wow so comforting Excuse us while we grab the q-tips Blowflies are attracted to bad smells and dirty conditions And sadly the girl and her family lived in a house that was less than hygiene a it took two Operations and three hours of surgery to get rid of all the maggots, but thankfully she should be just fine He fled Massachusetts resident runs badeen had been dealing with lung issues for a month He found himself constantly Short of breath and was eventually taken to the hospital because of his symptoms When doctors found a grainy spot on an x-ray of phidian’s lung he prepared himself for the worst news fearing that he had lung cancer Luckily it turns out that it wasn’t lung cancer at all But Spadina just had a classic case of pea plant in his love Yes Apparently at some point when he was eating peas one simply went down the wrong way and ended up in his lung it had actually Split and begun to sprout when it was removed sounds strange But the warm and moist conditions in his lung enabled the pea plant to actually Grow feel free to keep this cautionary tale in minds and next time your parents try to force you to eat your veggies Although he had to go through surgery to remove the P Spadina was just relieved that it wasn’t cancer He says that his first post-surgery meal at the hospital came with a side of peas and he fearlessly ate them anyways fir-tree It seems that America and Russia are always in competition with one another You know how it goes an American gross of key plantain is long so a man from Russia Just has to go and grow a per tree in his this one-upping really needs to stop Artem Fedor cane had been complaining about chest pains and had begun to cough up blood Fearing the worst doctors confirmed a mass growing in one of his lungs nothing about his symptoms or the x-ray looked unusual so doctors were confident that cancer was the Culprit when they opened him up to operate. They examined his lung tissue and found something so shocking that the surgeon thought he was hallucinating It appears that Sidor can inhaled a seed that had started growing inside of his lung the tree was just under 2 inches long But that’s frankly two inches longer than we’d like a foreign object in our lungs to be thankful ISA Dorkin was able to recover after his surgery Surgeons leaving behind instruments in patients is a shockingly common issue between 2005 and 2012 a reported 770 two foreign instruments were accidentally left behind out of those nearly 800 people 16 of them sadly did not survive their horrifying experience squid a woman in 2012 was enjoying a meal of partially boiled squid a Delicacy in South Korea while eating she felt a stinging sensation in her mouth and spat out the squid Despite spitting it out She continued to have strange sensations in her tongue and cheek she went to have it examined and was shocked when the doctor extracted 12 small white spindle shaped creatures from her mouth Apparently the sperm sac of the squid had not been removed and first when she bit into it Causing the squid to inseminate in her mouth hairball an 18 year old girl from Chicago admitted herself to the hospital in 2007 complaining of stomach cramps vomiting And weight loss of nearly 40 pounds doctors took x-rays of her abdomen where they found a large dark mass What they found in surgery was a 10-pound hairball that was over a foot long wedged in her stomach? Apparently the young woman had a habit of chewing on her hair and over the years it had collected into a ball potato a 22 year old woman in Columbia was brought to the hospital experiencing abdominal pain while examining the young woman a nurse thought it was a joke when she saw roots Sprouting from the woman’s privates the girl admitted that her mother had advised her that placing a potato in her vagina Was a method of contraception so that she wouldn’t get pregnant? The potato had begun to grow after being inside her for two weeks since potatoes thrive in dark and humid environments teratoma 26 year old Yemeni Karen am a student in Indiana began having trouble speaking and reading she was also having trouble eating and was Experiencing head pain that radiated throughout her entire body When she went to the hospital doctors discovered a tumor near the center of her brain When she went into surgery the doctors were shocked to discover that it was not an ordinary tumor but a teratoma Teratomas or monster tumors are tumors that contain bone hair teeth and can even contain limbs and eyes Once the teratoma was removed karanam went on to make a full recovery dandy-lion in Beijing China a 16 month old toddler was crying and scratching at her ear for months until her mother noticed something inside Not able to get it out herself. They went to the doctor inside her ear canal They found a two centimeter long partly flowering dandelion growing and completely filling the canal Wall the needed to be surgically removed? Pretty crazy right we hope you enjoyed this incredible video Please give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to subscribe to the richest for more amazing videos daily Thanks for watching

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