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  1. It's feel asleep with my earphones in and the rubber part got stuck inside my ear and the doctor had to remove it. It was so embarrassing and very painful.

  2. Seriously a potato. Wat are these people thinking. I think with every future generations to come they just get bummer

  3. The person who had a hair ball is a real life cat

    My cat was losing balance while sitting when I typed this and she did it in a funny way XD

  4. My sister at a big magnet and they used a magnet and in stuck onto her belly, because the magnet tried to get to the other on.

  5. I love your channel but let me tell you a story about my uncle my uncle has a heart problem and when he was in surgery a watch fell in his chest 15 years ago and it still ticks

  6. Can you tell me the type of surgical retractor that was removed? Never have come across a type that in any way resembles a forceps. They technically work in an opposite manner. Thanks

  7. Bad case of potato vagina, typical latin american witch doctor natural medicine, never listen to a latin who has a magic natural cure. I live and see it here.

  8. I almost SWALLOWED a piece of a tool they used to cook Chinese food with in ORANGE CHICKEN!! I'm never eating that again…

  9. How many commercials do you greedy bastards need🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮

  10. no mention of the guy high on meth, who shot himself in the head with a nail gun….
    or the person in th ER with Buzz Lightyear stuck in his, ah, well….

  11. The loud music is a big distraction. I could really do without it or at least have it more in the background

  12. The Dr found a big green bead in my sister's nose when she was like 5… No one had a clue it was there he just happened to see it during a physical.. my parents thought I must have stuck it up there in her sleep or something but she obviously must have done it by accident somehow lol

  13. My sister had an undeveloped twin fetus removed from her chin when she was a teenager. It was a teratoma. True story.

  14. We had a little girl who lived next door when i was in my teens. She had a condition like the girl that constantly sucked on her hair. well one day we saw an ambulance arrive and when we saw them home we went over to see if everything was ok. Well the same thing was found in her stomach, a Hairball

  15. This is my story I went to kfc after going to the cinema and I got a ice cream when I got in the car again there was a queen bee and chucked the ice cream all over the car and I would not go back in because I thought the bee was inside me😂😂

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