10 Secrets Your Car Mechanic Don’t Want You To Know!

facts first presents ten secrets your car mechanic won’t tell you number one some mechanics use scare tactics if you take your car to the mechanic for what seems like a minor problem it’s likely you will listen to their advice since they are the mechanics and you’re not they know cars better than you if you talk to a mechanic who tells you that they wouldn’t drive another mile in your vehicle chances are that’s a scare tactic your car might need work however it’s unlikely that it’s as serious as they want you to think they just want your business number to check for certifications before you let a mechanic work on your car most states require mechanics to have a license in order to make automobile repairs before you hire a mechanic you should look for more than a license it’s best to work with a mechanic who holds a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence certification or an American Automobile Association certification if you’re working with a reputable shop these certifications will likely be proudly displayed on the wall number three ask questions first before you hire a mechanic to work on your car you should ask questions this isn’t something that most mechanics wants you to know because the time it takes to speak to you is costing them money before letting them look under your hood you should find out how long they’ve been in business what certification and licenses they have what type of warranties they offer the more questions you ask the more confident you can be that the person working on your vehicle is legit number four never sign a blank authorization form there are some mechanics who will ask you to fill out a blank authorization form when you drop off your vehicle this would give the mechanic permission to fix any issues they find this is not something you should ever sign you should always get a work order with these specific repairs that will need to be made along with a specific estimate the order should also include any warranties on the work if you give your mechanic carte blanche to repair whatever they want you could end up with a bill you can’t afford number five does the mechanic have a scan tool and an engine analyzer if you’re taking your car to the mechanic for engine trouble make sure they have an engine analyzer and a scan tool if the mechanic tells you that they don’t need any fancy equipment to repair your car find another mechanic a good mechanic knows that this type of special equipment is necessary for proper engine repair especially on more modern vehicles number six synthetic oil costs more if you’re going in for an oil change the mechanic might offer you the option of using synthetic oil they’ll tell you that it’s better for your vehicle they’ll also tell you that you can get a lot more miles between oil changes what they might not tell you is that synthetic oil is significantly more expensive than regular motor oil if they don’t tell you that upfront you could end up getting an unwelcome surprise when it comes time to pay for the oil change since you can’t back out once the job’s done you could end up paying more than you intended for your oil change number seven don’t tell the mechanic that they’re giving you a second opinion if you took your vehicle to a mechanic and you got a diagnosis you might want to see a mechanic for a second opinion if this is something that you’re planning to do you should not tell that second mechanic that they’re giving you a second opinion you also shouldn’t tell them the price or the diagnosis that the previous mechanic gave you let the mechanic check out your vehicle on their own and come up with their own diagnosis and price this will give you the most information to make the best decision possible number eight coolant and power steering flushes are not always necessary when you go to a quick lube mechanic they’ll offer you a variety of services that you likely don’t need one common quick lube gimmick is having your power steering fluid and your coolant flushed most cars are designed to drive a hundred thousand miles before these things need to be done also cleaning your fuel injectors is a waste of money there are plenty of additives available that provide the same results and you can do it on your own number nine free lifetime mufflers if you’re having muffler problems there are many mechanics who offer free lifetime muffler replacement since nothing on a car lasts forever it sounds good these mechanics will give you free replacements however you’re gonna pay a lot of money in expensive pipe repairs try not to read too much into lifetime mufflers when you see the advertisements number 10 ask about the tires build date of the 10 secrets your car mechanic won’t tell you this secret is the most common one just because a tire has been in the showroom and it’s not been driven on it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be safe many drivers think that they’re getting a great deal when in fact they’re getting an old tire if the treads are three years old the tire might not be safe to drive in the snow even if it’s never been driven on a road before when you buy your tires ask the mechanic for the tires build date that’ll ensure that you’re getting a strong dependable tire subscribe for more you [Music]

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