10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets!

10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets!

Look at that guys it’s floating. Its hey get away from me! What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to What’s going on guys I am Matthias and welcome to Strange things That Mike, sup Mike, found at Target. Mike picked out all these items. He thinks they’re dope he doesnt talking about though You know what I’m saying? So I’m gonna let you guys know from my opinion If these are tasteful or Wasteful. You dig me, dude and dudettes? Let us begin. Full set of shift cam six in one dual lens case for iphone seven and eight plus. I dig it if I still had one of those ancient phones Hahaha these troglodytes! I have an iPhone 10, and I am being pretentious in case you didn’t know.Tthis is actually still pretty cool though because it supposedly gives you six different lenses all in one iPhone case for the photog in your heart alright So what are the lenses though? I mean like six variations on top of the regular one slide and snaps six and ones lens the chat attachment dual lens support protective design Oh dual lens I get you so it does the same thing to both lenses, so it’s not technically six lenses But it technically is I get you add to cart. Yes, here it is 120 degree wide angle lens telephoto lens two of them macro lens macro lens 20 times 180 degrees Fisheye world’s first six in one personalized note They’re really pushing all of these things. They’re saying it like eight times all over the box. I dig it okay I like the idea I think it’s interesting one of the things I don’t like about the lenses that you attach on the outside is you have to remember? to bring them it’s so difficult to remember to bring the little attachment lenses that you put on the other side unless you’ve got like a purse or If you want to put it in your pocket, then you got to like explain to everyone when you walk up to them Oh by the way. It’s the lens in my pocket. All right. Don’t get all excited Feels good seems like an awkward bulge right here, though. This is just like really big right here. I don’t is there a reason It’s just an awkwardly bad design right here That’s a point against that I think they’re trying to make a like when you said it flat. Yeah exactly I think you’re right there because otherwise it’d be really oddly Balanced so what they’re saying then is that you have to pretend like your phone is like practically an inch thick all the time Okay, well that happens It’s good to know so there’s the actual lens and then boom and then boom and then boom all right Let’s take a series of photos this is Regular, then that’s tripping out, okay, so then we go back to regular. This is like wide This is like much wider now And then we go back to portrait because we’re on the first set of lenses And this it’s having trouble even doing it at all it that was horrible. It couldn’t even do it it Just gave up. It was trying to do the depth effect, and it just couldn’t even focus this next one Oh, that’s macro, so I gotta get really He’s like okay, so now we go into portrait mode yeah, and that’s macro, too But howhow is that gonna work with like the depth effect. That’s crazy. I can see like the reflection of the phone in your eyes So then the last two That’s gonna happen a lot and you’re gonna crack your lenses. This one’s fisheye superfish. Eye, and then we go to portrait honestly It’s really not better I have to even back up and it’s doing the same thing scratching his nose. Who’s like All in all some of the lenses here like some of these lenses for the telephoto for the second telephoto lens on the iPhone Pretty much worthless so really you’re only getting three new lenses, and one of them is macro And it’s like how often are you gonna use that for a hundred bucks? I’m gonna have to say wasteful Just because it’s like the iPhone really wants to do like the depth effect and stuff And you could probably find a camera app that doesn’t do that But then it’s like how close are you getting the difference was negligible USB LED clock fan? Just up mini portable desktop fans, so we got a desktop fan, and it’s also a clock what happens when you’re like I’m chilly and you turn it off. What time is it. Oh gosh. I’m gonna be late to my meeting now. Also. I’m cold Or no. I’m hot I am hot right now, dude It’s so warm in here, bro, Alexa air Okay, Google. Hey series someone help. I’m dying of heat. No one listened to me. That’s add to cart’ see how it works Advertising clock fan. I’m trying to understand that advertising The Clark fan did they think this was an advertisement So like in case you didn’t know what you’re shopping for we’re Advertising advertising we ought to end up at Isaac wow that’s a lot of instructions for a fan clock. It’s like listen We could just make it an on and off button that’d be stopping way too early. Oh look at that You could see like the LED thing like that’s gonna spin in there It’s just so it’s like one little thing and it has so many revolutions per minute so while it’s making a revolution it flashes intermittently through the single revolution giving the illusion of a constant place of an LED it’s quite interesting It’s really how you’re watching me right now It’s how motion picture works continuously flashing particular pixels in a particular spot You know in repetition gives the illusion of movement, but really I’m not moving really. I’m dead inside here We go plugged in LED see we got a fan. Oh, that’s actually good right now It’s hot I was already feeling it was hot inside I was already feeling it was hot inside, and then I figured this would be good So let’s check this out look at that take it easy 27 degrees Celsius, you can’t really see that what about here, can you see here? That’s what whoa It’s tripping out Let’s see if we can get fixed that with changing the shutter speed kind of you can kind of see a little better Let’s if we cut that out there. We go obviously you can see how weird the camera looks right now That’s because I’m having to change the shutter speed so the shutter is open Long enough for the signal to actually get to the camera without intermittently getting cut off Technology it’s really cool. Though. Honestly be cool 26 degrees Celsius Oh, there’s a set button right here, so I can go in and I can set it or I just hold it oh I love you. Oh That’s how you do it. That’s actually kind of cool. I’m not gonna lie to you. I dig it I must say this is tasteful. Just because it works. It’s consistent. It works and boy does it cool. Are you good? No, I feel confident I feel spicy and saucy you know saying alien flying saucer anti-gravity floating toy Amazing string less hovering. I mean is it really hovering if you’ve got a string. It’s not hovering you Just it’s hanging so there’s no such thing as stringless hovering you can’t hover with a string you hang am I right no They said it right, but stringless. I’m saying stringless hovering can’t exist take me to your party This is something like the lamest of dads would what is this? Why are fantastic floatable is better There’s old and boring R’s new and amazing toy Let’s play why does this person look like they’re like pushed into submission over here really? What is this dude? Ah? No, dude, if that’s gonna do that to me. I’m not down I’m gonna get why she’s on the floor because she’s like how do you know it’s a she how do you know? It’s very ambiguous at this point. That’s how you find out oh? It is flat. Oh my gosh could they fit more text on this I don’t think they can fit more text on this packaging. That’s unreal They’re just like how do we tell them how many things this thing can do just on the front so we don’t have to ship An instruction booklet, I swear if things oh good all the instructions are right here oh my gosh – balloon relax one – 18 inch or larger or Larger we don’t really know instructions balloon may differ from the picture I would be mad like what if I wanted that balloon specifically that’s all social, I’m Like if you open up and you get a sunflower I swear if I get a Sun fire, dude I’m gonna be livid. No. I got an alien. I got the stupid alien dang it now this alien spaceship We have to attach some weights to it and that way it’ll hover in midair, and it will be like wow You’re like I’ve seen you when you’re impressed look at that guy’s it’s floating it’s hey get away from me There you go guys here, it is here’s the test Pretty cool there you go the air-conditioner moved it that was so worth it. I just loved how I spent my time I will say wasteful allow go am forced and vintage Apple monitor oh oh I get you perfect for movies Watching movies on their phone I feel like I don’t know actually you guys Let me know down in the comments below because when I watch a movie I’m like I want to sit back and watch it on my big screen, but when I’m watching like YouTube video It’s like way more personal to watch it on my phone. Let me know. What do you watch on what device? I’m actually really curious about that this they claim to be perfect for movies It’s really interesting so for a lot of you that don’t know this is kind of it resembles What like one of the first Mac’s ever looked like not the first Mac but one of the first Macs? So let’s take a look at this you just slide that puppy on in there And then you bought a bing bada boom then you got your movie app open and you’re like I’m gonna watch some YouTube or I’m gonna type out stuff a Bluetooth keyboard probably you’re heard of that Type The m4 stand is made it with scratch free silicone feel like that’s a lot of silicone Good reviews a go-kart. Oh my Dude, that’s like 2 or 3 pounds Okay, maybe it’s a pound. Yeah, like last time. I said it was through three pounds It wasn’t so let’s take a look this one’s classic white not even white at all ejection groove Screen area insert opening and cable management, it’s like They’re really trying to point out features on this where it’s like is it really that difficult to like understand I think maybe they have to do that just so that people don’t like be pissed off when they like hot dogs buying a mini Max I don’t feel mad wow this is soft That’s it what else would this be are you expecting a dragon this is soft. This is really soft hollow, and it’s Heavy okay. Let’s see if my iPhone fits in it cuz this would be cool. Oh, it does. Oh cancel kit What was the head dude? What was that? It was like doing some sort of like SOS. Oh it’s an SOS well that was weird I’m putting on some shoes Open it. There’s the car. That’s fast forward to a sweet part This is where Jared was cooking nuts in his office and that’s because he’s a pervert But I mean this is working out quite. Well. I think this actually looks really cool with the iPhone 10 Especially just simply because it’s like all screaming so if you do open up YouTube And you click on like battle universe or something like that you can do like a full screen It’s just for aesthetics so if you do have a use for it. It’s cool. It serves its purpose It’s not trying to be anything else. It’s just like hey. I’m gonna hold your iPhone. That’s it for that reason I must say it’s tasteful because it does what it says it does and it looks stylish doing it. You know I’m saying look stylish order batter, ooh reboost for rechargeable batteries now Extend battery life with battery boost world’s first reusable Micro thin sleeve that extends battery life, so it extends the battery life of your existing What double-a battery what how put the sleeve on battery put the battery sleeve in the device repeat for every? Battery in device customer testimonials, I put them in a weather station base takes to triple-a batteries And they last about two years before having to be replaced. I don’t feel like reading the rest it seems so boring Okay, so it came with four battery life and performance Extender they’re nice-looking I mean I’ve never you know I’ve never had my battery looks so nice But I’m like what does it? Do how does it work? It is so incredibly thin. It’s like tin foil. It’s so thin I’m not gonna lie. It’s pretty, but how do it work? It’s not a battery to it, okay? So this is the dead one you can kind of see the top right here I feel like these prongs when pulling it out would get stuck on something because every device is different It’s like really loose fit. I feel like that would stay in the device. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying It’s like the prong would stay in and then it bend off so we do have a voltage meter right here an actual battery tester we’re gonna test it right now without it blink and Point so as you can see it says you need to replace or recharge so now when I put this puppy on there What do it do this is the question? My friend and I remember he doesn’t even sense it it doesn’t even sense it at all Let’s try a different one take two not it’s nothing not sensitive sensitive. It’s not sensing it yeah See this battery’s good. It says. It’s so right there, so if I put this on the good battery Let’s see if it’s still good or if it still doesn’t even sense it. Yeah, I know it’s still good I think it’s a lot of hooey cuz I click that’s supposed to hope recharge within it. Would you go it would actually fool? I don’t think it’s gonna go to full but maybe it’s not about reviving a dead battery Maybe it’s about making a battery last longer But without actual use and me trying this on my devices for an extended period of time I don’t know. I can’t say tasteful or wasteful on this one I have to test for a long period of time you know I ain’t gonna do it at Luna tech Aquabot sport water bottle a pressurized mr. Camp shower and hydration in one interesting so you can squirt into your own mouth you can I’m so happy about it props to her man. She’s living the dream this guy he’s scoring off some spaghetti. What’s wrong? Why couldn’t you eat that spaghetti who’s just like ah forget about it. Let me attract some bears right now Bears and raccoons at the campground forget about it. I’m gonna be safe in my cloth tent Alright, so he’s cleaning off things. Just spritz in your face. You’re squirting in your mouth when you can’t reach your mouth I get it. I think there’s a use for it, so let’s see a Dakar Hydration sprayer bottle let’s fill this puppy up with some water pump to build pressure Twist nozzle to adjust pattern press grey disc to spray so I pump how much you like pump I don’t know. I think that’s good pressure. Oh no, the wall look look at that look at this look how far it goes I Hit the window Wow Is that the mist I? Mean so I missed ish not as not nearly as satisfying as it looks like she has you know what can you do? It hurt them back of my throat Oh, they don’t pump as hard next time so I mean does what it says. It does just don’t pump It’s hard if you want to use this the last thing we got a dish to test the pressure on I mean, it’s just gonna take forever it might be faster. Did you see your fingers? Yeah, it’s not gonna clean the dry stuff. Can I clean the wet stuff so you decided to do it right after you eat Yeah, it’ll work. If you wait like this guy ate two weeks ago I say tasteful what the heck is this looks like a little bullet simply attach the buddy Stylist cap to your favorite pencil or pen works Just like a stylus on all your touchscreen tablets and phones makes drawing and writing on your tablet’s easy I get you I get you so you can have like your regular pen be a stylus I mean it’s cheap, too So it might be a good solution if you got like a favorite pen that you like to write with but then you know you Don’t want to have to like fumble around to things because you’re writing something on your notebook And then you’re writing on your iPad. I don’t know I don’t know your workflow, okay relax I’m gonna have to cart and test it but iving badda-boom buddy stylish touchscreen for your devices all right So we got a pen here probably the only pen in high-five Studios have to take that puppy Yeah, you’re really gonna like push that in there all right check this out. Oh It’s really difficult Well look it’s like not registering something you see that ah yeah. There you go I mean, it’s it’s starting to work Wow nice Just as I was like starting to work better, but then it stopped so it’s like if you do it all from the side It’s nothing you have to do like well on my foot Oh really when we only like only lightly right on the nose. This is a stinker poopoo Do not get this wait. What now it’s working flawlessly look at that Maybe it’s because I’m touching it so if you use this on a metal pen It’ll probably conduct the electricity from yourself into this to the capacitive touchscreen because that’s how essentially these Capacitive touch screens work they detect the current you know in your body That’s why this doesn’t work, but that’s what’s really interesting is. This is having no trouble whatsoever but the minute I disconnect my body from it you see what I’m saying Bada-bing bada-boom, so if you’re not gonna use it with a metal pencil just think of purple for those reasons I’m out. That’s some good voodoo my doodoo Em stick smart Bluetooth LED light why do you need it to be Bluetooth though if it’s just a light what’s before I knock it. Let’s watch it. Okay Well that would be horrible I feel like I’ve seen this before I mean it’s a noodle timer Yeah, what’s wrong with sound or mean you’re sleeping like I mean. I I’m a heavy sleeper so that little flash yeah Yeah, I mean I I would agree in this instance I mean it did raise a lot on Kickstarter, so let’s give it a shot. Let’s test it out of that oh Geez what if that broke it bro. Nah a box is sturdy. Oh, it’s got like a little tripod mount on it You see that and you turn it on you broke it This is why where’d you get that from dude Brian you Latino people like to slam it dude Trying to wake me huh dude did it woke me out, but it broke it did it work before him yeah And this is payback to everyone that wanted to see all the products slammed when Brian was like always trying to slam the products Down and I was like oh my ears and everyone was like we love that we love it This is what you get broken products you see that. This is payback now You don’t get to see this sweet little product, and that’s your fault or your fault and Brian’s fault Let’s plug it in cuz maybe it’s just dead weight No, you don’t I was like oh, so you bought two because one didn’t work in the first place. Oh my dude You’re so smart, but then it was just a prank. Yeah. It is this 100% dead inside, dude. Yeah guys. There’s a pole up there Do you still want me to slam products yes or no for that reason? I can’t say yes or no I’ll say yes, cuz I did test it and it does they were it was so I’ll stay tasteful All the times that Brian slammed it the first time you slam it. It just breaks That’s some bad boo to my doodoo Power Wheels wild thing come on you think that’s actually gonna roll with me Dude
Cuz I’m gonna have to rate this obviously for a kid because I’m an adult and I’m like over the weight limit Guarantee for parent controlled speeds drives 5 miles an hour 2.5 miles an hour in Reverse this actually looks really cool If they made one of these things like for adults 100%. I’d buy one let’s watch this Oh Music is too intense that looks so cool though look at that. No joke dude if I had that when I was a kid Mamacita, you know I’m sanded That’s pretty cool large durable tires for multi-terrain driving had to freaking kart and my bros While we get that all set up and prepped to a test out for all y’all Let’s get into the next product Zen wheels micro car ok, so it’s like a tiny little Remote-control car I get you. Oh my gosh, it’s $70 why that’s so expensive right yeah good you agree with me a lot of the times when I’m like wow, that’s Expensive and some people are like wow you spent like four hundred dollars on a flamingo, but that’s the point I’m saying it’s expensive for what it is now. I’m not just saying it’s expensive because it’s like someone was like hey Here’s a real car for $70. I’d be like that’s cheap, but it’s still $70 Finance’s adulting is what that’s called my children It’s just like a bluetooth like little mini car that you can like write around it really interesting ok ratings Let’s test it out of car Oh, it is really tiny how interesting look how tiny that is, but like why it’s so expensive I’m like I’m thinking that’s just like way too expensive wait. What is this? It’s like a little like starting point Oh does it detect when you run over it Let’s set up some cones, and let’s race around it, so we’ve got the car right here. You’ve got the app open right here There’s a little red button down here Whoa standard cockpit controls, oh there we go. Oh look at that, so let’s see, but just do it it goes Whoa, it’s actually really difficult to control I feel like you could get the hang of it But there are some glitches that we’re having see that right there when I’m pressing the gas And it just stops and you probably have to like move it around a little bit Wow it goes fast You see that obviously I’m not gonna be able to race that because I’m I don’t have near the dexterity to do such Oh you see that it does affect it. It knows when I go over the finish line so that’s pretty cool, too Let’s put on my lights That’s cool. You see that. That’s pretty cool. Okay. What’s this? Oh? Under lights, dude like you’re like a roadster I Mean, what did I just drift, bro? Blinker I like the fact that I have somewhat of like analog controls right I can actually go forward slowly and fast So here’s the thing there’s a couple glitches pretty cool. I mean I still feel like it’s a little too expensive I feel like for 70 bucks you get yourself a big Remote-control car and do it like on a much bigger scale so it’s like maybe if you live in, New York And you don’t have that space. This is a great toy for you, but otherwise I would take it the bigger stuff I still think it’s pretty cool, so I’m gonna say tasteful, but just don’t either too pricey all right guys boom Kids alright, but as an adult I need to make sure if my kid’s gonna be riding around in this thing then it’s see about safety Don’t be afraid of being a nerd at least you’ll be an intact nerd not like a nerd with your head all over the pavement Let’s test this up Whoa I’m heavy dude. I’m like a six-foot-tall Man-child and this is like honey. No problem taking you around. It’s a little delay the response is super delayed but kids reactions are pretty late anyway, so No harm no foul and I don’t even think this is on max power right now. It’s got some power It doesn’t seem to have any trouble pushing me around. Here’s what I’m gonna. Do Michael behind the camera set up this track really bad It’s a good track guys. It’s not so what I’m gonna try to do I’m gonna try to get to the other side by going around like every calm possible and not hitting any cones. Oh See how delayed it is I think now it’s having trouble going up this girl I’m glad that there are parental controls on this puppy cuz it’s a little difficult to control But I’m gonna chalk it up to my weight. I think sometimes It was giving out just simply because it’s not I don’t think it’s rated for you know 120 pounds, but yeah I mean it seems solid it was carrying me around so that’s I mean I’m have to say taste See that video right there. That is a video that YouTube thinks you specifically will enjoy Will you I don’t know YouTube seems to know what they’re doing check it out. We very much appreciate it Thank you very much high five

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  1. I warned you guys – bad things happen when products are slammed down on the desk! 😉 I'm honestly surprised this didn't happen sooner. Be sure to VOTE in the video if we should keep slamming products, and go watch my eBay video with a FLAME THROWER in it! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFr0fCgrTNQ&index=2&list=PL15dtrx_ng4QdiYSImFRcgPCGjz0BwMAM

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    stop slamming the products!!!!!!!
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  3. I only thought if this now, what if the stylist pen thing is for artists who use metal pens, since I thought of that I now state… Maybe? Welp, that's just a theory… A Product Theory.

  4. When you said "ok Google" my phone went off and since you also said Alexa and siri it said " I'm glad to be mistaken for siri". Lol.

  5. Matthias pencil has graphite and graphite is a good conductor of heat and electricity and its clearly shown on the cover of the product . It's used for pencil

  6. I bought one of thos camera lenses for my phone but it was different and only a buck on wish that looked like little tiny lenses that you switch out one at a time onto a clip and went onto any type of phone

  7. I think with the battery life extender you just use it to have the battery last longer, not to have it recharge a battery.

  8. If i had the capability to watch everything on my big screen i would but i was EVERYTHING on my phone

  9. pretty much everything on my pc. messaging, movies, and games. got a note 9 buy only use it outside the house

  10. I avoid watching any kind of moving pictures on my phone. Much more enjoyable on a bigger screen, no matter if it's netflix, youtube or whatever 🙂

  11. How can you be so grandiose about "reviewing products for as long as I have" and talk like you're some tech genius yet not understand how a modern digitizer, much less a basic stylus, works? Spoiler it's resistance or capacitance – i.e. they measure the resistance or capacitance in an x and y grid then link the coordinates of your touch to the UI. Therefore, in order for a stylus to work a human generally needs to be touching it, or some conductive material that is connected to it… These basic understandings of how a product actually works should be obligatory before claiming something doesn't function properly.

  12. I watch movies and everything directly from my phone but occasionally use my tv for movies except I need a new tv since my display went out on me so right now I strictly use my phone which I typically do anyways

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