10 RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid – RC Driver

10 RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid – RC Driver

So you just bought your first RC car for
your doing a little bit of research right now before you buy your first RC
car and you want to know what mistakes you should avoid well I think you found
the right video I’m Greg with RC Driver .com and we’re going to give you our ten
common newbie mistakes that you should avoid let’s get right into it so mistake number one not buying the
right vehicle I know this a scale nitro racing buggy right here looks really
cool but it’s really not the best place for you to start I put this aside find
something that’s more suitable for getting into RC something like a trail
truck like this Axial scx10 – or those Traxxas Slash these are both electric
they come ready to run and they’re really easy to use they come with great
instruction manuals and just be true to yourself when you’re walking into the
store I know something like that big cash truck right there looks really cool
but you know there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with it and
you know if you’ve never worked on an RC car before you might find it a little
scary once you start getting into things so find the right vehicle for you talk
to your hobby store they’ll point you in the right direction and start off with
something you can manage common newbie mistake number two not reading the
manual no I know you’re really excited you just got your first RC card you want
to head right outside and drive it but take the time to read the manual trust
me the manufacturers put a lot of time in these things to make sure everything
you need to know is explained right in here so take the time it’ll it’ll tell
you about you know your electronics charging how to simply turn it on and
off although we did a video on that – how to do repairs there’s a lot of
valuable information and if there’s multiple manuals like this one here for
the radio system that comes with the truck read them all just be familiar
with everything on your RC car and that way when you do go outside it’ll be pure
fun common newbie music number three I just
felt like doing a dramatic intro anyway it’s gluing your tires now I know you’re
ready to run came with the tires pre-mounted but when you buy your first
set of aftermarket tires most likely you’re going to have to glue them
yourselves so what you need is you need some tire glue and you probably need
some cleaner as well what you’re going to do is you’re going to use this
cleaner to clean the bead of the tire and the rim and then use a good quality
tire glue such as this from proline to seal that bead up and that way when you
go out and give your car full throttle your tires don’t blast off in any
direction newbie mistake number four not charging your battery now these are not
like the batteries that come in a grocery store these are not charged you
need to charge them I’ve seen so many customers come back to a hobby store and
they’re in a rage and the mike Carley work for a few seconds or five minutes
and then it’s stopped well nickel metals they pretty much come
dead they need to be fully charged when you first get lipo batteries they come
about half charge so you could get some use out of them but they again need to
be charged as soon as you get home so get yourself a good charger and when you
go home charge up your batteries make sure that you’re fully peaked and then
you could go outside and have some fun on to newbie mistake number five over
oiling your RC car folks your RC car is not like your real car it does not need
a huge quart of oil inside the transmission on your RC car if you do
take the transmission apart for maintenance you just need a light
coating or grease on the gears if you do take the differential apart and it needs
oil just put the right amount in you don’t want to overfill it to where when
you start using it oils going to start seeping out of all of the seams and if
you go and rebuild your shocks there is a certain amount of oil that goes in
them as well what you want to do is take a look at your instruction manuals see
what the manufacturer recommends as far as how far to fill it and you won’t have
any lockup once you put your suspension back together newbie mistake number six
is geared towards our new racers so when you head to the track for the first time
you going to put your car down for practice do not I repeat do not put your
car down on the front straightaway we’ve seen so many new racers go they’re
really excited about running and they go put their car down on the straightaway
and then go walk up to the driver stand and in the meantime somebody else is
blasting down the street rear-ends the car and takes both cars out damages both
cars this is a common mistake we see time and time again usually tracks have
areas where you could set the car down on if you don’t see that right away just
take your time see where other racers are placing their car and that’s where
you want to place your car you don’t want to cause any damage to anyone’s car
or your car on your first race day so you went ahead and bought your first
nitro RC car well these next two newbie mistakes they’re gear
towards you the first one is is not charging your Glo igniter this needs to
be charged up before you could go fire up your engine now most load matters
come with their own charger so put it on charge for about four hours before you
try to start up your engine we’ve seen so many customers go back to a hobby
shop with Popeye arm because they’ve been wrenching on the pole start for an
hour and they’re they’re furious that their card insert all the hobby shop
owner does is take a charge glow igniter goes out and fires it right up save
yourself some time save yourself some strength and go charge this first
sowhat’s nitro new via mistake number eight well breaking your engine in
properly I know when you go and finally get it fired up for the first time it’s
going to sound really cool and you’re going to see the smoke pouring out you
just want to go run it but take the time to break the engine improperly and
almost every single manufacturer includes braking instructions with a
nitro vehicle take the time to read through these instructions and follow
exactly what they do make sure you have the right fuel make sure you’re giving
it the right amount of throttle make sure your needle valves are set properly
this lousy manual right here instructs you to drive in a figure eight in order
to keep the stress on the engine low while the engine breaks in so take the
time do it right and your engine should last a long time
okay we’re nearing the end here on to newbie mistake number nine over
tightening your hardware now let’s say you do need to go ahead and wrench on
your RC machine you don’t need a big automotive ratchet like this to tighten
down the hardware most hardware on RC cars just needs to go a little past snug
now there are a few exceptions like your motor or pinion gear or a nitro engine
those need a little bit more force to tighten them down to make sure they’re
secure but most Hardware on the suspension or on the chassis just needs
to be tightened down a little bit past snug if you go too far you risk the
chance of stripping out the hole or you may trip out the head on the on the
screw and then it’s much harder to remove that Hardware later on oK we’ve
made a newbie mistake number 10 and this one has to deal with not properly
setting up your charger to charge your lipo battery I can’t stress to you
enough how important this step is and we probably should have put it earlier up
in the newbie mistake list you need to set your charger properly to
charge a lipo battery first make sure you get a good quality charger second
step is to make sure that you put all the settings into the charger so it
charges your battery properly if you don’t it could have some disastrous
effects I’ve seen a lot of lipo fires in my day and I’ve actually had one here at
my house I can’t stress you enough how important it is to make sure you set
your lipo battery properly and never leave it unattended while it’s charging
ah so you thought we were done not just yet I have one more tip I want to share
with you and that tip is to support your local hobby shops when you’re getting
into RC well you’re going to have a lot of questions and the owner of that local
hobby shop or its employees well they’re going to be able to help you now this is
the point in the video where I ask you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and
I hope you do so but if you could do me one more favor and just share this video
so hopefully you helped one of your friends get an RC with success as well

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  1. I had a t maxx and a hpi rs4 when I was young the rs4 I installed a 2 speed it hit 70mph plus the tmaxx never ran right out the box I tuned they tuned it still never ran right sold em all when I was 16 they were fun but it’s expensive when things fail the first week with the t maxx the controller lost signal the truck ran at full speed into a brick wall lol broke the whole front end off then learned they have fail safe ect but it’s a lot to learn but can be very fun electric is easier to maintain but battery’s need charging gas cost more to maintain and $30 bucks a gallon of gas will run you all day depending on size of car ect. If I had to do it all over the 1/5th scale trucks n cars are what I’d choose. Gas would be cool but electric is faster just gotta decide where you will be driving them also

  2. Im 10 one year ago i bot a traxxas stampede vxl ias soon as it got i ran it i only read the manual when i hit a hockey net and i read the manual to tighten the moter btw this was NOT my first time with a rc car i owned 1 drift car but it was slower and befor that i drove traxxas xmax i saved money for that traxxas stampede for 2 YEARS

  3. Traxxas roll cage high quality low weight $24.99

  4. #1 and #2 are easy to avoid if you start off with a kit. When I was a kid I enjoyed building plastic car models, had a bunch of matchbox and hotwheels and tyco slot cars. When I got into the more expensive r/c cars than what was at radioshack and toysrus I wanted a kit, not a RTR. In doing so you learn about the car, you read everything in the manual, and you get a feeling for the build quality. And when something breaks, you probably don't need the manual to fix the issue. And of course as a kid I chose to go with nitro. Always wanting an ATV and Dirtbike, but only had a little go-kart, there's no way I was starting with electric.

    With that said, how you feel about electric and engines when you're starting off, and how much you enjoy building things should determine what model you start with, regardless of the price…if you can afford any option. This isn't a hobby for lazy people, just uses your best judgement when selecting.

  5. I just got an exceed rally car from goodwill for $4. I normally spend my time crashing planes so I put a spektrum 6 channel receiver in it and bound it to my airplane transmitter. The motor says it's good for 2s and the esc says it will handle up to 4s so I put a 3s battery in. My 4 year old informed me she knows how to drive rc cars. Tomorrow we are going to the park. She wouldn't lie she's got this.

  6. Don't let this guy scare you away from nitro it's really not as scary as he makes it seem. There's a million videos on how to look after it and how to tune. Besides if you really can't tune the thing ask the local hobby shop to help you out, most will tune it for you for about £20.

  7. My first rc car was a Traxxas Revo 2.5 about 15 years ago, kept for a year and sold it. Was to much maintenance for my liking. Thinking about getting another now but definitely going electric

  8. What 1/10 scale rtr 4×4 rc car and or truck that’s is really durable an decent priced would you all suggest?

  9. Once I accidentally set my fast battery charger to full and my battery broke in like 5 charges

  10. so I have 1/10 short course truck I charge the battery I plug it in it drives for 3mins and truck stops red light flashing only thing working is the steering ive taking it back and they can't find what's going on with it

  11. I was wondering can you help me I have a 1/12 scale RC across rock crawler steering turns but no power to the motor

  12. My first hobby grade RC car was given to me just a little before Christmas by my neighbors for free. It's an arrma raider mega and they gave it to me with a snapped front chassis and broken front shock towers. I saved up enough money to buy the new chassis and shock tower and new batteries because the ones given were complety dead. I wish I would have know lipos are much better.

  13. Mistaken number 5#if you're using a rock crawler or a trail truck you do not want to feel your shocks you want to barely lubricate them as for your differentials and your Axel's in general if you're using them in water you want to use a marine Grease speaking from personal experience and RCSparks talks about it

  14. Hi, im thinking of getting a axial scx10 ii, and i was wondering whats a good battery and charger for it?

  15. What's your thoughts on the 9115 & 9125 rc cars. These look cheap and great quality….for kids first rc. Do you recommend the same or anything else that might be good. Any help would be appreciated. …☺

  16. Here's another tip for newbie racers… listen/accept any information/help offered to you from experienced racers.

    When I was serious about RC, there was this girl and her dad at the local track that were an absolute nightmare to run with. Her car handled like crap, and she didn't know how to drive it (you can't really drive it right anyway if it isn't set up right). Every weekend it was the same story of her taking out other cars. It was an older aluminum pan Team Associated car, this was when the B2's had just come out, so it wasn't really a match for the new cars anyway, but with some setup they could still be competitive. Anyway, her dad had the suspension all jacked up so it was basically always at max ride height. It couldn't corner, it couldn't land, it couldn't hold a straight line. Being as I had 3 of those cars already, on top of my B2 and a couple trucks, and a pretty good standing with all the other racers, I had attempted to talk to him and suggest a few changes ti possibly improve her runs and enjoyment. She was obviously not having a good time after months of being a road hazard. The dad was a complete dick. Basically, he already knew everything he needed to and didn't want any help from someone more experienced but younger than him. They didn't stick around much longer after that. Too bad for her, because the life lesson she got from her dad was not going to help her in any other avenue either.

  17. No'1 Buy a kit car not a RTR then you learn about it. No'2 learn to drive before even entering any races.

  18. Newbie mistake:
    Breaking chassis on a Redcat the 2nd day u have it
    Taking the entire thing apart and stripping every single screw in the process
    Buying a new aluminum frame
    Finiding out it won't fit
    Giving up on RC
    Never touching the car again
    Come back 3 years later seeing the remote and now ur back into RC

  19. May 4, 2019—-Thanks for the video as I don't know squat about RC's whether it's cars or airplanes. Writing a story about a kid in his early teens who's into RC cars, so now looking for information about them so the story sounds more authentic.As to supporting your local hobby shop, that's SO true. We once had 2 hobby shops in town. One owned by 4 guys, the other by one. The first hobby shop had one of the owners die and the other 3 couldn't afford to buy his share from that guys family. So it eventually got closed. The other guy had been in the hobby business for about 40 years and had enough, selling it to a guy from Vensuela about 10 years or so ago. He dies and family has NO interest in running it, so everything inside was sold off. Now the only place to buy VERY basic modeling supplies is a hobby shop geared towards gamers, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Live in Reno and CLOSET, REAL 2 hobby shops are in Sacramento. There's 1, maybe 2 RC hobby shops in town, but have never been to them, something I need to do now for my story.

  20. Today I drove my rc car and the neighbour's kids wanted me to drive it into them…. They even jumped in front of it when I was going full throttle!

  21. #11… Alloy hop ups aren't always. Plastic bends and flexes. This CAN be a good thing. A rigid structure will transfer loads to weakest point.

  22. Expert rc drivers: goes to a hobby place
    Newbie rc drivers: goes to walmart to buy an rc car

    Expert rc drivers: am i a joke to you

  23. I would love to get back into this sport but here in Tulsa there are no tracks and not much in the way for RC stores…

  24. How long for the first charge on a 4 amp nimh battery charger car plug in? The One that comes with the traxxas ford Raptor. My son misplaced the instructions

  25. I need a rc under $50 for off road and on road with good durability and speed can anyone suggest name?

  26. ALWAYS make sure you have fail-safe on. Test it out. I assumed it was on from the factory, but then lost signal and crashed into a concrete wall at full-speed. I'm never making that mistake again.

  27. my newbie mistake was replacing the plastic parts w metal parts while not noticing how much weight i was adding. 1200 bux into my yeti and it was better outta the box then it is now.

  28. Batteries, they only have test charge from factory. You have to charge it fully to set the charge for the batteries life span.

  29. I bought a used custom nitro rc under 50 on ebay just to thrash around in the forest and backyard. I'm new to nitro motors and I don't really know what to do for modifications..

  30. tip ALL: be good friends with the local hobbie shop. they WILL tell you what part you broke can be upgraded, and the best upgrade.
    the good hobbie shops to pay their employees commission.

  31. Good video, breaking in nitros is always the hardest part, I just wanna go faaaaaasssst. But it's important to break it in properly.

  32. I broke my axle…how I hit a mailbox…my reaction this is a dream I picked it up ran home called the hobby shop just ask for a axle went there and I got more than I needed a got a wheelebar a bumpergard and and a c10 truck for my dad #rcarenotcheap

  33. I hate to see videos like this prick talking about “noobie mistakes” first of all if you have the money to buy whatever the hell you want buy it not just because idiots like this are telling you it’s not for you since it’s your first rc shouldn’t buy it. It’s a damn toy if you got the money for it buy it and once it breaks take it to a hobby shop and & they’ll fix it simply like that.Never forget it’s a toy & ALSO DONT EVER LISTEN TO PRICKS LIKE THIS MINIMUM WAGE LOOKING MOTHAFUCKA
    IF YOU DONT MAKE MISTAKES IN LIFE THEN YOU WILL NEVER LEARN ANYTHING & that’s a fact! Mistakes are part of fundamental learning process you idiot.

  34. My first rc car was Redcat tornado s30 nitro and i broke the aliminum chasis on the first drive 😅

  35. I asked like 20 questions to my local hobby shop guy but did buy a an RC car, an extra battery and an upgraded charger from him for all the trouble. I spent about $155 for everything. Newbie here. Subscribed.

  36. Any 1/10 traxxas on the shelf (electric to start) would be a good starter. Simple interchangeable parts and 3 sizes of screws.

  37. My first rc was a traxxas stampede, few months later I had a gas baja then a few months after that I had a losi 5t 😂😂 and I had never had to do any work on my stampede, it’s easy to work on a gas rc, first time I had done work on anything, and I was only 13 when I got my baja 😂😂😂

  38. Don't get this. First advice is to buy a piece of crap then the real deal? Why waste $100 of the $400-500 you would spend on the real truggy? They are very easy to run, and most importantly the crashes, flips and speed are what suck us more into the hobby in the first place.

  39. My newbie mistake was asking for a nitro car way back when I was 12. Granted electric vehicles back then were garbage, but that car barely even ran. Didnt help that it was a Kyosho and literally NO ONE had parts for it in the days before widespread internet retailers.

  40. I just competed in a novice crawler competition, using my coach's RC. I think I'm hooked! Looking into buying one for myself now. If I go to my local RC store and want something ready to run out of box what should I look for? Not necessarily a crawler but something I can have fun with.

  41. I have a USB charger for my rc it’s a Toyota supra I have made one modification by putting tape on the rear wheels just so it will slide a bit when it turns and kinda get it to drift

  42. IMHO: Get a kit as your first RC car, that way you will appreciate it more (so you are a little more careful) and you know your model inside and out to better repair and maintain it.

  43. the 656 people who disliked this video are the 656 people who ruined their cars by not following this guide

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