У Львові прибувших з Італії не обстежували на симптоми коронавірусу

У Львові прибувших з Італії не обстежували на симптоми коронавірусу

Today, a bus from Italy arrived in Lviv, where Ukrainian labor migrants usually come to from Europe. The Segodnya correspondents met its passengers. Oksana Rotko will tell about the state of their health and if any additional protection measures are taken. Maryna has returned from Naples.
She went there to see her children and grandkids. She has not undergone any medical examinations during the whole trip and that regions did not take any additional measures. In Naples, everything was calm, no one is panicking there. Everything is alright, calm, nothing special. Liudmyla is coming back home from work. She heard about the virus, however, no restrictions had been introduced for her region. The woman will go back there in fall.
She hopes the situation will improve by that time. I work is Toscana. Lombardy is a way different part of Italy. I was coming here, everything was calm. They said, those in Lombardy had closed everything: subway, stores, offices and all. A bus with the Ukrainians departed from Salerno. It goes to Kherson via Naples, Rome and Florence. The driver says: nothing has changed for the carriers and passengers. We are coming from the zone where everything is ok, we are coming from the south bypassing everything. The exit is calm, the exit is calm.
I mean that traffic is ok over possible inspections. Everything is calm. No anti-virus measures were taken at the Lviv bus station. From Lviv region Oksana Rotko, Volodymyr Vezhbynskyi. Segodnya, TV Channel Ukraine.

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  1. У цій зоні теж все нормально, тільки по телевізорі слухаємо брехню.

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