Новый Peugeot Landtrek (2020): полноприводный пикап на китайской основе!

Новый Peugeot Landtrek (2020): полноприводный пикап на китайской основе!

Peugeot is back
to the pickup segment, with the new Landtrek developed by
jointly with Chinese brand partner. The novelty will be offered in versions
single or double cab, gasoline and
diesel engines as well as back or full
driven. Last time pickup for
Peugeot built Dongfeng, and now – Changan. It is based on modern
Changan F70 pickup presented by last year ). Cars,
essentially only differ front design
bodywork, decor and logos. Landtrack will be offered as
single cab chassis or double, and also in commercial
version with makeup bumpers and in the “multifunctional”
versions for personal use. Basic “working” versions
have simple lighting and black bumpers, and cars
more expensive – plumage in color bodywork and LED headlights. Four-door Landtrek length
5330 mm has a loading platform by 1630 mm, and the parameters of the two-door
pickup – 5390 and 2430 mm, respectively. Cargo area itself
– with diode illumination and a 12-volt outlet. Carrying capacity – from
1 to 1.2 tons depending from the version, and another pickup can
pull a trailer weighing 3.5 tons. Ground Track Clearance
is 214–235 millimeters. Pickup truck over 600 mm
fords; angles of entry and exit are 29 (30) and 27 (26) degrees
respectively. The ramp angle is 25 degrees. Salon at the Peugeot pickup made
in the style of passenger cars of the brand. There’s a two-spoke steering wheel,
devices with a “mirror” tachometer scale and characteristic
toggle switches on the central console However, Changan has a salon
almost the same. Instead of a standard chair
front passenger can order a double “bench”
with a folding section that can be turned into a table. This option is especially relevant.
for single row version, but you can order it for
double-row pickup, and in In this case, it can accommodate
six riders. To the list of equipment Peugeot
Landtrek comes in dual-zone climate control, media complex
with 10 inch display, support Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and 10GB
hard drive. Responsible for safety
stabilization systems (in including trailer) and traction control,
as well as a descent assistant and all-round visibility
with an off-road camera in side mirror
the passenger. Landtrek and F70 use the same
units: Isuzu turbodiesel 1.9 (150 HP, 350 N • m) and gas turbo four
Mitsubishi 2.4 (210 HP, 320 N • m) with six-speed “mechanics”
Getrag and “automatic” Punch Powerglide. Rear-wheel drive or plug-in
full down transmission and electronic
differential lock eLocker. New Peugeot Landtrek First
will appear in Latin countries America and Africa and then
will enter other markets. . Plans for other markets,
but the appearance in Europe is ruled out! Would make a new Peugeot
Landtrack competition in Russian for isuzu di max
and Mitsubishi el200?

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  1. Как пежо снова может зайти в сегмент пикапов, если он никогда там не был? Бред какой то….

  2. Вот и Китай создал автопром с нуля,а что же Россия,а что же автоваз?!😂На ниве появились противотуманки.

  3. Морда прадика, салон от части мерса и еще все на китайской основе пипец

  4. Зашибись) Пикап от французов созданный китайцами с японскими двигателями)

  5. Интересно, а в чем он Пежо? Все элементы от других марок установленны.

  6. Дожились ,блядь.французы купили ваз и Ниссан и их поебывают.а щас китайцы купили французов и будут их ебать

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